Travis And Jason Kelce Hilariously Talked About Jason Meeting Taylor Swift For The First Time Right Before His Viral Shirtless Moment

It's a great time to be a football fan because we are in the middle of playoff season and there's honestly nothing better. While there have been some amazing moments already, one of the most viral happened when the Kansas City Chiefs played the Buffalo Bills last weekend.

the players on the field during the game
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The Patrick Mahomes-led Chiefs and the Josh Allen-led Bills have become quite the rivals over the last few playoff seasons, and it happened again this year with the Chiefs on the road in Buffalo. Ultimately, the Chiefs beat the Bills to advance to the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens.

  Kansas City Star / TNS / Getty Images
Kansas City Star / TNS / Getty Images

The game was a classic Mahomes and Allen shootout with several score changes, wild plays, and more. But, nothing seemed to have people talking quite like Jason Kelce's reaction to Travis Kelce scoring a touchdown mid-game.

travis with his hands forming a heart
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As you've probably seen, Jason ended up jumping out of the suite where he was watching the game, shirtless, and joined the Bills Mafia, aka Bills fans, in the stands as he screamed in excitement.

jason cheering with his shirt off and holding a beer

And, it became a meme pretty quickly:

@RaghavsRep / CBS / Via Twitter: @RaghavsRep

Now, on a new episode of their New Heights podcast, Travis and Jason are breaking down the hilarious moment, and even explained how this all happened the same day Jason and his wife Kylie Kelce met Taylor Swift for the first time.

the two on split screens as they talk on their podcast

"It was incredible. Honestly, one of the most fun experiences I've ever had from start to finish. Buffalo, Bills Mafia, it's incredible," Jason said, explaining this was the first time in "two years" he was able to come and see Travis play.

  New Heights / Via
New Heights / Via

He detailed how even before the game started, he ended up joining a Bills fan's tailgate, where a video of him doing a shot out of a bowling ball went viral, too.

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"No idea what that liquor was. I didn't ask any questions," Jason joked. "Someone hands you a bowling ball with a shot, the last thing I'm like is, 'Oh, is this Crown Royale?' I'm not asking any questions."

Then, Travis wanted to get into the details of how he ended up shirtless and jumping out of the window of the suite he was in alongside Taylor, Kylie, Donna and Ed Kelce, and more.

jason leaning shirtless out of the window with Bills fans below him
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"I can't even remember what happened to the shirt, if I'm being honest with you," Jason joked and Travis started laughing.

  New Heights / Via
New Heights / Via

Then, Jason got into his, well, thought process behind the now viral moment. "Here's what happened," Jason began. "I wanted to take my shirt off at the tailgate and because we kind of got pushed back on the tailgate front, I didn't get to have my shirt off out there. And then, when I entered the box, I noticed, Hey, I could jump out of this box and I'll be outside."

<div><p>"This is how my mind works after...40 Miller Lites," Jason said. With Travis adding, "And a shot of who knows what the fuck out of a bowling ball."</p></div><span> Kathryn Riley / Getty Images</span>

"This is how my mind works after...40 Miller Lites," Jason said. With Travis adding, "And a shot of who knows what the fuck out of a bowling ball."

Kathryn Riley / Getty Images

He continued, "And if I take my shirt off, then I'm outside and I'm part of the Buffalo Bills pageantry." Jason added, "The entire day I got caught up in the magic of Bills Mafia. It is electric."

jason jumping out of the suite to join bills fans

Jason joked, "I just can't take my shirt off in the box. Like, who takes their shirt off in the box. It's heated."

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Following the game, when Jason's moment was literally all over the internet, Travis said he got to watch the clip and said, "It was pure pandemonium. Just pandemonium."

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And Travis said he wished there were more cameras on the suite, so he could really see Kylie's reaction to Jason literally jumping out a window while shirtless.

  New Heights / Via
New Heights / Via

Jason said he did give Kylie a heads up that he was thinking about, you know, launching out a window. He told Travis, "I'm not gonna lie, I gave Kylie a heads up. The moment we got into the suite I said, 'I'm taking my shirt off and I'm jumpin' out of that suite.' And she said, 'Jason, don't you dare.'"

closeup of jason and kylie hugging each other at an event

And Travis jokingly added, "Once a Kelce man's determined, there's no fuckin' stopping him."

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Jason added he wasn't sure Kylie was "happy about it," mainly because this was also the first time Jason and Kylie were meeting Taylor.

taylor swift cheering in the suite
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"[Kylie] was already telling me to be on my best behavior 'cause we were meeting Taylor," Jason continued. "So she's like, 'Do not...Be on your best behavior.'"

travis and taylor holding hands and walking
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"I was like, 'Kylie, the first day I met you I was blacked out drunk and fell asleep at the bar. This is part of the charm.' This is part of the Jason Kelce charm. I wanna make my best first impression. This is my best chance," he said.

Jason and Kylie have talked about the beginning stages of their relationship and how they matched on Tinder.

Knowing this was the first time Jason and Taylor have really had a chance to hang out makes her reaction when he jumped out the window celebrating Travis' touchdown even better because she genuinely looked so stunned that it happened.

@karmaszone / Via Twitter: @karmaszone

Whereas Kylie was absolutely unfazed by Jason's antics.

@itsStephGee / CBS / Via Twitter: @itsStephGee

After Jason detailed the whole story and how Kylie tried to make sure he was on his best behavior, Travis said, "Well, Tay said she absolutely loved you."

taylor giving jason a high five and talking to kylie
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I mean how could he not when Jason also brought an adorable little Taylor Swift fan up to the window so Taylor could see her sign about being a Bills and Taylor fan?

NFL / MattRiv2 / TikTok / Via

Next up, Travis and the Chiefs take on the Ravens in the AFC Championship, and yes, I honestly hope Jason comes again so he can experience a Baltimore Ravens tailgate.

The AFC Championship game will air Sunday Jan. 28 at 3 p.m. on CBS and Paramount+.