The Traitors Recap: Who Drank From the Poisoned Chalice?

Heading into Thursday’s episode of The Traitors, we’re all awaiting the answer to last week’s major cliffhanger: Who did Parvati get to drink from the poisoned chalice?

A murder in plain sight is never an easy task, and with time running out, Parvati starts to panic. She enters the kitchen to find one last batch of players who are all unknowingly this close to death. Then it all falls into place. Ekin-Su turns to Dan and Parv and says, “When I leave the show and find out who was the traitor that betrayed me, I’m going to f–k them up hard.” So what’s a traitor to do? “Cheers!” Parvati says, handling over the poisoned chalice. And with just one sip, Ekin-Su seals her fate in this game!

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But as Alan mentioned last week, it’s a slow-acting poison. At breakfast the next morning, the three traitors are the first to arrive. Dan and Phaedra have no clue if anyone actually sipped from the cup. They’re surprised to hear that Ekin-Su is the one who was murdered, but Dan — always thinking like a gamer — says that the fact that Phaedra voted for Ekin-Su at the last banishment ceremony could work in his favor down the road… in case he needs to give the faithfuls some blood to savor.

THAT GIRL IS POIIIISOOON! | The group eventually files in to find out that… no one was murdered? (Or so they think.) Alan reveals what actually happened, but he doesn’t reveal who has been poisoned. The next mission is a funeral, black horses, carriage and all. As the players walk the castle grounds, they must answer questions about themselves. If they answer the questions correctly, those players will take a spot in the carriage, thus eliminating themselves from the pool of possible murder victims.

The group is weened down to Ekin-Su, MJ and Parvati. The three women take their place inside three open coffins in the middle of the woods. The safe players must put a black rose inside the coffin of the player they think has been poisoned. If the majority selects the right victim, they’ll add $20,000 into the prize pot. The group wrongly selects MJ, squandering their chance at the cash. Then, Ekin-Su’s coffin is slammed shut and buried six feet deep. Harsh!

Traitors Alan Cumming Episode 4
Traitors Alan Cumming Episode 4

BANISHMENT CEREMONY | Larsa leads a group of women into believing that an alpha male is a traitor. Her targets: CT and/or Dan. Sandra immediately runs to Dan to give him a heads-up, strongly suggesting they gun for Larsa.

At the roundtable, Janelle says that Larsa’s toast at breakfast the morning after Marcus’ murder could possibly have been the moment Ekin-Su was poisoned. To defend herself, Larsa tries to shove the target onto CT, saying that a big male took out a bunch of other big males because he simply didn’t need them. She calls CT “the head of the snake,” despite not having any concrete evidence to make her case. Tamra says that Kevin’s acting at the funeral was too over the top, while Parvati drops her huge hunch. Who else is good at acting and performing? Why, Bravo’s housewives, of course! If looks could kill, Phaedra would’ve shot Parv down right on the spot.

While Parvati was trying to target Larsa, it’s a huge game move to even suggest that a housewife could be a traitor, especially knowing that she’s in cahoots with Phaedra. “We don’t act, my friend,” Larsa tells Parvati. “We live our life.” Parvati counters that “it’s performance as well.” (Listen, Larsa. We all know how reality TV works. Come on, now!) When it comes time to vote, Larsa is the one banished, but unfortunately for the faithful, they’ve once again fallen victim to some friendly fire.

When the traitors meet in the turret, Phaedra lets loose. “That wasn’t cool,” she says. “When you do stuff like that, it brings attention to me. No one likes you Parvati. Everyone says you’re a f–king traitor. We can be in this game together, but you’re going to play fair, and if you don’t, you’ll have more problems than the faithfuls.”

Will Dan and Parvati take a shot at Phaedra sooner rather than later, or will Phaedra start rallying the Bravo crew? Hit the comments with all of your thoughts and predictions!

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