'Townsend goes with tried and trusted'

BBC Scotland's Tom English in Marseille

Once upon a time there was the Toony Tombola when it came to team selection, but nowadays Gregor Townsend's mind is an awfully lot easier to read. His team - in fact, his entire 23-man squad - to face South Africa on Sunday is entirely predictable. No surprises, no curveballs.

Ewan Ashman and George Horne are both out with concussion, but it was unlikely that either of them would have made the squad anyway.

Horne fans won't be happy. He's been in top form. Townsend is a champion of Ali Price, though, Price was always going to make it in the 23.

Townsend seemed relaxed but also focused at the Velodrome. He spoke about combining the "spirt of the underdog" with an attitude of "we're here to win."

These are seismic moments for the coach. The memory of his haunted expression after his last World Cup game, a defeat to Japan, is still vivid. He's waited four years for another crack at it. His team has come a long way since, but how far? Not long to go now before we find out.