TikToker reveals 'unreal' travel hack for visiting Egypt's Great Pyramids: 'There’s a KFC with this view'

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Pizza Hut Egypt isn’t just a good spot for a quick bite. According to one travel vlogger, it’s also the best place to see the Great Pyramids of Giza. 

The fascinating travel hack comes courtesy of TikTok user Kimmie Conner (@kimmconn). The travel blogger's now-viral video claims that you can actually get a perfect view of the world-famous attraction from the roof of a fast-food restaurant.

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It’s just the latest unexpected travel hack to spread widely on TikTok. In recent months, users have also shared tips for tracking flights on an iPhone, avoiding fees for extra luggage and even turning a neck brace into an airplane pillow.

 Conner’s trick is, of course, only specific to travelers visiting Egypt. But her clip was so surprising that thousands of TikTok users seemed stunned by the information — even those with no plans to visit the pyramids.

“Outside the exit [to the pyramids], there’s a Pizza Hut and a KFC with this view,” Conner says in her clip.

From there, she proceeds to show just how much Pizza Hut Egypt has to offer. 

Conner climbs the stairs inside the combo fast-food restaurant and heads to the roof, where there’s a spectacular view of the Great Pyramids. As she points out, it’s a much cheaper alternative than taking an expensive tour of the site.  

“Honestly, just buying one burger is a lot cheaper than getting to some of the views, or paying for taxis or camels,” Conner says

The pyramid-adjacent Pizza Hut and KFC have long been a point of fascination for tourists (there’s even an entire New York Times article about the restaurant). It’s easy to see why, too. Conner’s ultimate view, where she eats her KFC, is like something from a postcard.

“How unreal is that?” she asks in the video.

TikTok users had similarly stunned reactions. Many called the view “wild” and “amazing.”

“This is a top-level travel hack,” one user wrote

“Is this real?” another asked

Other users, meanwhile, found the situation a little depressing.

“I’m sicked by the fact that they have a KFC and Pizza Hut there,” one user wrote. “Like, was there no other food you could decide upon?”

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