'Tough season'; 'We finished with a whimper'

Your views

We asked for your thoughts after a 4-1 defeat at Fir Park confirmed Livingston's relegation to the Scottish Championship.

Here's what you had to say:

Jennifer: It's been a tough season watching Livi, now hopefully on and off the park the club can come back and give us something to cheer on next season.

Matt: It's worrying that David Martindale is talking like he already knows he will be here next season. What does it truly say about Livi's ambition if they aren't even considering the concept of fresh ideas and a new face at the helm going forward? This must be the price you pay when sacking a manager means you need to find a new janitor, decorator and cook as well?

Neil: We finished with a whimper! Too many players looking for the door. Martindale is a fighter, but the team looked defeated. We have a Championship budget and can only really compete at that level, unless we get some real cash into the club. Taylor Swift gee us yer dosh!

Richard: Manager's fault. Chopping and changing his starting 11. Making bad sub moves for the sake of things.