'A total waste of time'

Your Views
Your Views

We asked for your views on Motherwell's 2-1 cup defeat to Morton. Here's a taste of what you had to say...

Ian: Sadly our midfield was ineffective. By the time they started to fight, it was too little, too late. Few players emerged with any credit except the substitutes who brought some energy.

Adam: A total waste of time for all the supporters that travelled. Not a single player earned their pay in this game. The manager seemed to have changed the tactics and the players looked like lost souls with no friends to play with.

Grant: We were never in the race, second to every ball. Kelly was a nightmare - the manager was quick enough to name Gent when he made a mistake at Easter Road, will he do the same with Kelly?

Anon: Wrong call again, Kettlewell. Too much loyalty to deadwood. O'Donnell, McGinn, Mugabi - embarrassing. How do we have Liam Kelly as our captain? He has been absolutely average all season. Give youth a chance?

James: Probably as bad as we've performed since last year. No urgency until after the subs came on. Think it was a mistake to drop [Andy] Halliday. Players should have been more up for it from the start. Poor performance. League a priority, but gutted at the level of fight.

Jim: Same old Motherwell, letting the the fantastic support down. The players all looked like nervous wrecks, none more so than Liam Kelly. I think it's time for him to have a spell on the bench. They better smarten up or they will be back in the relegation zone.