Top 10 Business Start-Up Coaches

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Top 10 Business Startup Coaches
Top 10 Business Startup Coaches
Top 10 Business Startup Coaches

London, United Kingdom, Feb. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Starting a business can be one of the most daunting, yet rewarding things that one can do in life. Running your own business is the path to prosperity and financial freedom that we all dream of, however without the right guidance, it often ends in tears, heartbreak and wasted dollars. According to Two Comma PR, a business startup coach is the surefire way to ensure that you have the tools you need to succeed. Each with their own unique areas of expertise, here we present the Top 10 business startup coaches.

Jade Weller (@jadestart_)

Jade Weller is a fully-qualified lawyer, award-winning business coach, paid public speaker and podcaster. She has extensive experience in business, having launched, grown and sold an e-commerce business with her husband, grown her start-up consultancy JadeStart to a six-figure company and worked for PwC since 2016 doing insolvency, restructuring and corporate strategies to help multi-million-dollar companies grow.

Inspiringly, Jade beat the odds to achieve success. She dropped out of school at 16 due to family circumstances and worked her way up the management ladder at an Australian supermarket chain Woolworths for eight years. Then she gained a job as an in-house legal assistant for a property developer after impressing his lawyer with her determination. The role inspired Jade to pursue a career as a lawyer, so she went to college and university at the age of 26 and earned the qualifications she needed to become a lawyer of the Supreme Court of Queensland. She then went on to become a Chartered Accountant and is currently part way through her studies.

While she was at Bond University, Jade founded JadeStart. She had grown the business within Woolworths and also helped lots of businesses during her work with the property developer and realised she could set up her own company to help even more. Since the launch of JadeStart, Jade and her husband Aaron, have guided more than 300 last year alone in 9 countries in the pursuit of their business dreams. She describes her typical client as a young entrepreneur in their mid-20s who is open-minded, coachable and hungry for growth and opportunities. They either are launching a business or have launched a business and aren't afraid to ask for help because they crave freedom and want to succeed more than anything else. They usually have had some form of secondary education and are typically creatively minded.

Uwem Uwemakpan (@monsieuruwem)

Uwem Uwemakpan is a startup coach and an investor who focuses on early-stage startups. He discovered that his passion in life was to help entrepreneurs gain the clarity and confidence they need to turn their ideas into a profitable and thriving business. He is the Director of Fund Operations at Ingressive Capital, a venture capital firm with a focus on financing the next generation of innovators across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Before he held this position, he was part of the founding team and served as the Entrepreneurship Programme Manager of the Tony Elumely Foundation, which is a $100 million initiative. During the 5 years he spent as the Entrepreneurship Programme Manager, he helped with the training, mentoring, and funding of 10,000 entrepreneurs all over Africa.

Today, Uwem’s focus is building entrepreneurship ecosystems that will empower African entrepreneurs to be the best versions of themselves and reach their goals. He’s affiliated with organizations such as Startup Grind, Startupbootcamp Africa, SXSW Pitch, Global Startup Ecosystem, and Injinni, which is the very first education technology incubator in Africa. The reason Uwem is so passionate about helping young entrepreneurs is that he believes entrepreneurship is key to the development of the country. As such, he’s willing to invest his time and resources to help worthwhile initiatives grow.

Isabella Sánchez (@theisabellasanchez)

Isabella Sánchez is a Mexican business coach who is an expert on positioning and authority building. She helps female entrepreneurs close high-ticket sales with a small audience. She's on a mission to empower female online coaches by demonstrating that they do not need a massive following to make a huge impact and build their dream business and life.

Isabella knows it is possible to do this because she has done it herself. She built a multiple six-figure business with fewer than 2,000 followers on Instagram. She did it with no adverts, no website, no e-mail list and no complicated marketing funnels. And she transitioned from a stressed and broke actor and YouTube life coach to a successful entrepreneur living her dream life in Europe with her husband.

As a life coach on a Spanish YouTube Channel sharing her passion for personal development and leadership for young women, Isabella racked up 33,000 followers, won Mexico's YouTube NextUp in 2017, got flown to NYC by Google to be part of YouTube's Global Creators Camp and started collaborating with big creators.

Despite her big audience, Isabella did not know how to use her influence to make money. She knew her subject inside out and was passionate about helping others, but she learnt a hard lesson that unless you know how to secure paying clients, it’s not possible to make a significant impact or income.

Isabella decided to use her limited finances to hire a business coach and learn everything she could about organic marketing in an effort to go full-time as a coach. In less than a year, she built a six-figure coaching business and suddenly other entrepreneurs started coming to her to ask how they could replicate her success.

Nicole Hensley (@itsnicolehensley)

Running a wedding planning business is far from easy, so Nicole Hensley decided to put her own experiences to good use to help wedding planners make the step up from amateur to professional.

With almost a decade in the events industry and years of coaching under her belt, Nicole has expanded her mentorship services to virtual short- and long-term programs. She connects with her clients on a relatable level as she maintains leadership of her own thriving Wedding Planning Company – Storybook Weddings and Events, which operates in Chicago, Illinois and Austin, Texas.

As Nicole explains: “One of the most critical connections a coach should have with their student is relatability. Because I continue to lead and manage my own planning company, I have empathy and understanding of what my students are going through. Having that deep connection is what’s led to so much of my students’ success”.

When she was 18, Nicole became a licensed driver for the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) and she says that setting goals and achieving new heights is “a part of my soul”. That achievement at a young age gave Nicole the belief that “difficult goals can be accomplished” with hard work and persistence.

These days, Nicole has a “slower and safer” life. She educates her students on everything from wedding planning 101, how to book luxury clients and business management and strategy on her blog and YouTube channel. In addition to 1:1 coaching, Nicole is launching an online shop in 2021 full of resources for wedding planners to enhance their client experience, brand consistency and business systems.

Remilekun Bada (rem_mzzy)

Remilekun Bada is a business/entrepreneur consultant who focuses on providing entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with intensive coaching exercise, business strategies, financial consultancy and empowerment and action plan in attaining goals.

She obtained her first degree from the prestigious Yaba College of Technology in Accountancy. She is an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and is also due to attain a fellowship status. Her professional career spans the following segment: a Customer Service Officer at Aviation Logistics Limited, Accountant at Arrowheads Automobiles simultaneously starting a business of importation, a Financial Supervisor at Main One Cable Company Nigeria. All these experiences helped fashion her understanding of various business terrain which led to the establishment of a laundry mart Breeze de Cleaners registered under the CAC of Nigeria and introduced various innovations in the laundry business which others have adopted till date.

As a strong advocate of entrepreneurship, in 2019, Remi founded “Stayin Touch Services' ' consulting after being encouraged by different acquaintances she rendered free consulting service which led to the needed growth and development of their businesses. Her website Youngpreneurceo is recognized for its high quality content and practical recommendations, she also facilitates communication workshops to professionals desirous of improving their communicative skills for discernable results. She brings her wealth of experience in coaching, training and delivering communicative sessions for individuals and corporate clients.

GiGi Diaz (@gigidiazlive)

GiGi Diaz is on a mission to empower women in business. She wants to help female entrepreneurs run their companies and live their lives in a joyful manner, and her life coaching organization Seizing Happy seeks to aid women in their quest to do exactly that.

As a child, GiGi was a successful dancer – first in her native Cuba, then later on in the United States. At 17, she made her first foray into business when she opened a dance school, GiGi’s Academy, in Florida, which is still going strong to this day.

GiGi earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Anthropology, then embarked on a Masters course in Communications at Florida International University. While studying for her Masters, she had a scary experience which changed her entire perspective of work and business. She lost her sight while driving as a result of stress and exhaustion, and that was when she realized she had reached a point of burnout, and no amount of success could replenish her health. This realisation inspired GiGi to become an ICF certified Life Coach, specializing in Mindset, Mindfulness and Happiness Studies, and to set up her own life coaching business.

Seizing Happy offers 1:1 coaching, group coaching, networking events, online courses, and business growth workshops. The organization is also preparing the beta launch of the Seizing Happy: 3Rs System, an 8 Session Live Program which combines 1:1 and group coaching to teach women entrepreneurs proven techniques in mindfulness, mindset shifts, the release of limiting beliefs, and application of neuroplasticity to achieve their big goals with less stress more joy. This program is led by GiGi herself and registration is now open for a limited number of seats.

Hannah Louise Roper (@the_femalecreative)

Hannah Louise Roper is an experienced and successful development coach for corporate and a specialist in learning and development. She found her life’s passion for coaching people and helping them develop through the learning and training packages she has created. She has over 20 years of experience in a variety of educational institutes, from primary school to professional adult education, both in the US and the UK. She’s also trained as a classical singer and has an extensive background in music history, music theory, and performance.

Life has not always been easy for Hannah. She is a survivor of domestic abuse, so her confidence and self-esteem have suffered greatly. However, with time and the help of family and professionals, she healed and rediscovered herself, her confidence, her self-esteem, and her power. She discovered not only a passion for helping others find their power as well, but also for entrepreneurship. This motivated her to develop skills not only in business, but also in marketing, branding, and web design.

Guided by her skills, her experience, and her passion, she created her own startup, The Female Creative. This is a coaching company that focuses on helping entrepreneur females and moms turn their ideas into action and make their visions come true. Hannah launched her business during the Covid-19 pandemic, inspired by so many moms who decided to turn their hobbies into online side hustles. Now she helps these women through coaching and she advises her clients on branding, marketing, goal setting, and everything they need to have a successful business.

Kelah Raymond (@kelah_ray)

Kelah Raymond is “A Woman to Watch” according to the Houston Business Journal and she’s a member of Forbes’ Coaches Council. She is a trailblazing entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for women. She has been collaborating with organizations and small businesses for nearly two decades to help them support, align, and further their business goals. Her expertise is so valuable that it has been leveraged by many industries and organizations, from combat zones to corporate boardrooms.

Kelah is focused on helping leaders improve their teams, processes, and ultimately their profits. It’s her greatest joy to work with solo entrepreneurs or mom entrepreneurs to help them make their dreams come true. She has been supporting big businesses for a very long time, but now she wants to provide her talents to the solo entrepreneurs and mom entrepreneurs of the world.

She understands what mom entrepreneurs go through because she has been in their shoes and she’s no stranger to the side hustle. In 2020, the world changed greatly and over a million women left the workforce and pursued entrepreneurship in many different ways. They’re not planning on going back to the workforce. Instead, they want to grow the businesses they have started on their own and Kelah wants to step in and provide them with strategies, systems, and all her knowledge to help them scale their business and grow exponentially.

Chelsea Monye (@chelseamonye)

Chelsea Monye is a successful Millennial Business Coach and founder of the Young Boss Network. Her coaching services focus on helping coaches and service based entrepreneurs gain the technical strategies and confidence they need to position themselves as experts in their industries so they can effortlessly attract their dream clients and grow their online business. She is a Branding and Social Media Marketing Educator as well as a Strategist who’s passionate about helping her clients create impact, influence and income.

Whilst studying for her A Levels at Tudor Hall school in England, Chelsea launched her very first business at the young age of 17. The mission was to connect and empower young creatives. She has over 5 years of start-up experience, and understands what it takes to move an idea from concept to profit.

Following her LL.B Law degree at the University of Birmingham, England, she moved to the University of Cambridge, for a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship. At just 20, she was the youngest in her cohort. Chelsea’s impressive academic track record, spectacular contributions to the entrepreneurship ecosystem globally and outstanding business drive, determination and ambition, have made her renowned amongst the new generation of coaches. In 2020, she was a featured conference speaker and educator at the Brave at Business summit, the CAE Wales Business Conference and gave a presentation to over 300 student entrepreneurs across all the 23 Universities and Colleges in Wales UK, as part of their summer startup week. She also featured in the Influencer's podcast by Chris Jones, a well known Speaker and Host, where she talked about her experiences as a young black female entrepreneur in the UK.

Whether her clients are barely working through ideas or want to grow the business they’ve already established, Chelsea is committed to helping them reach their goals through unwavering support and effective services.

Ruth Cremer (@ruthcremer)

Ruth Cremer is a numbers expert with a passion for innovation. She has a Masters in Mathematics and is best known for being the advisor on the German version of the famous TV Show “Shark Tank”/”Dragon’s Den” (German Title: “Die Höhle der Löwen”). Here, she supports the selection and preparation of the candidates with her expert knowledge and startup-scene experience.

This high-profile opportunity is so far the peak of her career in the startup scene, where she started with her own consultancy focusing on public funding in 2013 and went on to work for Europe’s most active seed investor as one of Germany’s youngest female investment managers. As her skills developed, she was invited to be a speaker, mentor and judge at various startup events (including one at Europe’s biggest event arena in 2018), so she typically travels for at least three or four months each year.

Today, Ruth prepares startups and their documents for investors, helps investors to evaluate a business model during the due diligence process and supports M&A cases. Her slogan is “numbers are sexy” because she thinks many entrepreneurs underestimate the power of the right business numbers to calculate your business' potential in order to lower risks and be more convincing in negotiations with investors and potential partners.

Ruth also teaches entrepreneurship at a university in Cologne and has worked for several well-known accelerators and start-up programmes, such as those of Deutsche Telekom, Hype Accelerator of 1. FC Köln and RWTH Aachen University. So far, she has worked with over 1000 startups from all over the world. And despite her reputation for asking the “mean numbers questions”, her former clients often praise her enthusiasm and positive vibes.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing business startup coaches, as they continue to thrive and help their clients reach their goals. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Two Comma PR for taking the time to put this article together.

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