Toddler demands candy from woman sitting behind him on an airplane

This TikToker shared a hilarious video of a toddler demanding candy from her on an airplane. Spoiler alert: The toddler was actually her son!

Chelsea (@rttchelsea) is a mom and TikToker who shares everything from cooking videos to heartfelt videos about her family. But Chelsea also has a great sense of humor. In a hilarious video, Chelsea shared what happened when an “unknown” toddler continuously demanded candy from her on an airplane, then revealed in the comments section that the toddler was actually her son. The funny video racked up more than 1 million views!

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The video begins with a shot of Chelsea sitting on an airplane. She stares into the camera with a sardonic look on her face and chews on a red and yellow gummy worm. “This kid made me share my gummy worms on the plane,” she writes in a caption.

Then, Chelsea turns the camera around to face the seat in front of her. At first, the camera points down at Chelsea’s tray table, showing the book Chelsea is reading. Then, the camera pans up to show the seat backs in front of Chelsea. A tiny toddler hand can be seen through the gap between the two seats.

Chelsea reaches out and places an orange and green gummy worm in the toddler’s hand. But the toddler doesn’t eat the gummy worm. Instead, he leaves his hand up between the seats, as though waiting for something. “He said, ‘more,’” Chelsea explains in a caption.

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Chelsea hands the toddler another gummy worm but, still, he doesn’t move his hand away. Then, resigning herself to having to share all of the candy, she hands the toddler two more gummy worms. Finally, the toddler’s hand disappears from between the two seats.

But the toddler isn’t done with Chelsea! In the next shot, he reaches out for Chelsea again. She takes his hand and holds it, writing in a caption, “Then he wanted to hold hands.”

While giving candy to an unknown toddler might be considered inappropriate, Chelsea revealed in the comments section that the video was a joke! The unknown toddler is, in fact, her son!

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the funny toddler and his mom.

“You must not like the orange and green ones. I, too, give my kids my least favorite color of things,” one parent wrote.

“This is so cute, but I’d be so scared the parents would get mad at me,” one viewer wrote.

To which Chelsea replied, “Same. He’s mine. I was just cracking up because he would absolutely do this to a stranger, too.”

Chelsea’s toddler certainly isn’t shy about demanding candy!

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