Title would be 'victory through grit and determination'

Manchester City players celebrate a goal

Manchester City fans Steven McInerney and Natalie Pike spoke to BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast on Wednesday, reacting to the 2-0 win at Tottenham and the prospect of winning a fourth successive Premier League title.

McInerney said: "If we win this league, it will be a victory through grit and determination. In the past couple of games we've scored a whole bunch of goals against Fulham and Wolves, but largely we've got there through individual quality every now and then. It hasn't been the City that really dominates teams and suffocates opponents.

"We are unbeaten since the Aston Villa game in December, so we have done really well in terms of results, but it hasn't felt convincing. Arsenal have been absolutely excellent this season.

"Consistency is everything in the Premier League, isn't it? It's a cliché, but the whole 'marathon, not a sprint' thing - City have obviously run that race so many times."

Pike added: "There's still one game to go and it's still a game we have to win so I'm not quite celebrating yet, but it's a brilliant run we've been on and we're just not getting enough credit for how well we're doing, I think. It's the way people are like 'City are going to win' or 'City haven't been very good this year' but City have been phenomenal in this past few weeks. To do what we've been doing consistently is incredible.

"It's been resilient, it's been professional, it's been about grinding out results sometimes when we've needed to, which is different to how we often play.

"But it's also been absolute brilliance, flashes of world-class footballers and incredible storylines. The Stefan Ortega moment [saving a one-on-one from Son Heung-min against Spurs] is one of the moments of the season and who would have thought that?"