Tina Knowles Responded After She Liked A Shady Post That Compared Janet Jackson's Ticket Prices To Beyoncé's

Tina Knowles says she didn't mean to like that post.

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Earlier this week, fans noticed that her Instagram account had liked a post complaining about how much it costs to go on Janet Jackson's upcoming tour.

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The post said: "What a joke...they add $1000 for a 15-second meet & greet again. No front row for fans unless you want to bend over so they can continue to rake in the cash. You want Beyoncé ticket prices, have real production. Just disgusted. I'm not the only one ... oh, the DMs I'm getting. Way to thank your fans for years of support."

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After noticing Tina's name in the likes, fans took to social media and accused her of being shady toward Janet.

"I find it weird that Tina Knowles would go on instagram and 'like' negative posts about THEE Janet Jackson!" one person wrote on X. "Especially when Beyoncé is sooooo private! It’s just odd to me!! THEE Janet Jackson has more than earned the right to charge what she wants for her ticket prices."

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Another called Tina "disrespectful," seeing how Janet "pave[d] the way" for Beyoncé.

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"Tina Knowles speaking on Janet Jackson’s ticket prices is comical," a third fan wrote. "JANET PAVED THE WAYYYYYY for girls like Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson, etc. to do what they do. Put some respect on her [goddamn] name. I get tired of the Knowles and Carters ACTING SO SELF ENTITLED LIKE STFU."


Amid the backlash, Tina went on Instagram to say that she never meant to like the post and "would never criticize another artist."

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"I am saddened by this. Janet Jackson is an icon and I would never question another artist," she said in the post. "I took Destiny's Child to see Janet when they were 15 years old. They always looked up to her and she opened doors for Beyoncé."

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"Why would I hate on her? I know now not to be in a rush and to be very careful. (I learned my lesson)! Especially when I have so much going on..I just wanted to clarify. I do know that you can see people's likes so I would be pretty dumb to do that," she continued, along with two red heart emojis.

Glad she cleared that up!