Timing of FA Cup semi-final makes it 'tough' for Man City

Manchester City celebrate goal
Manchester City celebrate goal

BBC Radio Manchester's Mike Minay has been discussing Manchester City's FA Cup semi-final draw on the We're Not Really Here podcast:

"Everyone wanted Coventry City in the semi-final, that was the ultimate, anything else would have been a tricky tie for City whether that was a derby against Manchester United at Wembley, against Liverpool or Chelsea", said Minay.

"Not just because of the rivalry City have had with those teams in recent years, but the tie actually falls in between the two Champions league semi-finals. We have seen this before with City. What Pep Guardiola said was a big help last year was having Sheffield United in the semi-final because it meant that either side of two tough games it was an easier opponent.

"When City lost to Liverpool in the semi-final a couple of years ago, I think it was between the Real Madrid double-header with the Bernabeu as the second leg and that made it hard for his team selection knowing he needed to go full strength in all of them but really struggling.

"Everyone wanted Coventry City for that reason, so am I annoyed it is Chelsea? No, but they have given us tough games in both matches this year and this will be tough sandwiching itself in the middle of that [Champions League] calendar."

Presenter Natalie Pike added: "I didn't want to play Liverpool in the semi or the final because I don't know which way it is going to go.

"But, I'll play anybody else because we can beat anybody else and I would fancy us to go on and win it."

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