TikTom mom shares how she makes ‘juice’ that’s safe for her baby to drink

This TikTok parent shared her clever hack for making juice that’s safe for her baby to drink!

Lo (@logannicole88) is a parent and TikToker who loves sharing useful parenting hacks, alongside videos of her adorable baby. Lo recently shared a hack that’s perfect for any parent whose baby is too young to drink juice, but still wants to try it. In the video, Lo reveals how she makes a fake “juice” product that’s safe for babies to drink!

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The video begins with Lo’s baby sitting in a bassinet near the open refrigerator door. The baby giggles a bit and reaches for a bottle of cranberry juice. He places his hand on the bottle and turns to look up pleadingly at his mom.

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“My baby is always reaching for juice,” Lo explains. “I’m not going to give my baby real juice. However, I will give him ‘juice.’”

Next, Lo shows how she makes her healthy baby-safe juice. First she grabs a plastic baby bottle and removes the lid. Then, she fills it with purified water.

Next, she takes a package of apple, pumpkin, and carrot-flavored baby food and pours a bit into the bottle. “Shake it together, make it real thin!” Lo suggests, as she shows how she shakes the bottle until the baby food and water combine to create a watered-down beverage with a juice-like consistency.

“Boom, you have juice!” exclaims Lo, when she’s done shaking the bottle. Then, she hands the “juice” over to her son for a taste test.

“He’s not a fan of bottles, but he likes this ‘juice.’ Win win!” says Lo, as her baby enthusiastically drinks the “juice.”

Viewers applauded Lo’s useful hack and shared some methods of their own.

“I was planning on watering down juice, but this I like a whole lot better! Thank you for sharing how you do it!” one grateful parent wrote.

“This is so smart! Stealing this hack!” another viewer commented.

“What I do is 2 ounces of water and one ounce of formula and half of the puree and we call it a smoothie. She loves it,” another parent shared.

“My daughter will be 2 and a half and I still mix her apple juice with water 50-50. She’s so used to it that she thinks that’s how you make juice now,” wrote another parent.

If your baby has developed a sweet tooth, this baby-safe juice hack might be just the thing for them!

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