TikTokers can’t believe some of the prices at Los Angeles’ Erewhon grocery store: ‘The $25 water is sending me’

Los Angeles’ famously fancy grocery store, Erewhon Market, is going viral yet again.

The luxe supermarket chain, with seven locations across the greater LA area, has long made headlines — usually for one of two reasons.

First is the store’s celebrity customers, a list that includes everyone from the Kardashians and Shawn Mendes to Miley Cyrus and Phoebe Bridgers.

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Then, there are the prices. The store is notoriously expensive, with items ranging from $50 vinegar bottles to $17 smoothies.

A new video from TikToker Katie Levans (@katie_levans) emphasizes that point. Her clip shows a series of high-priced goods — including $20 milk, $38 maple syrup and $40 hot sauce.

The TikToker goes on to show even more items. There’s camel’s milk for $23, a cup of instant ramen for $8 and a large bottle of water for $25.

Commenters had extreme reactions to the video. Many debated which price seemed the most unfair.

“The $25 water is sending me,” one user wrote.

“Rhe ramen is the real tragedy,” another argued.

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“That entire store is a scam for rich people,” another commented.

“Is this even legal?” another added.

Many users pointed out that the Truff hot sauce, priced at $40 in Levans’ video, costs less than $20 from retailers like World Market and Target.

Of course, it’s worth noting that many of Erewhon’s goods are extremely high-end. Many products are fully organic or fit certain dietary restrictions.

For example, the $8 ramen featured in Levans’ TikTok still retails for $5.5 when bought straight from the distributor. And as many commenters pointed out, Vermont maple syrup is actually pretty pricey.

“That’s actually a good price for maple syrup in Cali,” one user wrote. “Trust me i live in Vermont!!”

“If it’s good maple syrup it should cost that much,” another added. “Just Vermonter things.”

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