TikToker shares tips for keeping press-on nails from falling off right away

The press-on nail trend has become an increasingly popular way to achieve a professional-looking manicure at home, but making it last more than a few hours certainly isn’t easy.

That’s why one TikToker is going viral for sharing her foolproof method for keeping press-on nails in place for weeks on end, leaving viewers in awe.

“If you do glue-on nails at home and you feel like they fall off in like a week, please keep watching this video because these nails have been on for more than two weeks and, like, they haven’t budged,” said TikToker Haley Christine (@haleyfrit) in a now-viral video. “I’ve accumulated some tips, and I think I’ve found ‘The Method.'”

According to Christine, her press-on nail routine came from watching endless TikToks and experimenting on her own through trial and error. Now, she’s confident that her tried-and-true method can help save others time, money and unnecessary stress.

“First thing is nail prep,” the TikToker explained, adding, “if you don’t do it right, your nails are gonna fall off.”

Christine says that avoiding water for at least one hour before application is a key part of this because if your nail beds are wet, the water will evaporate and cause the fake nail to loosen and fall off. Trimming your real nails is also important since a lot of nail growth under the fake nails “doesn’t look cute” but can also get pretty dirty.

Other prep tips include pushing your cuticles back, buffing your nails with a file and drying them out. In all cases, this will help the nail glue adhere better to the surface.

Then comes the actual application process, which Christine has learned is best done at night.

“Do it right before you go to bed,” she advised. “Like, I’m telling you, right before you go to bed. Because you are not going to be putting water on your hands for 7, 8, 9 hours.”

To date, the video has been viewed more than 396,000 times and is earning high praise from commenters who say they’ve tried everything to make their press-on nails last.

A lot of people gave Christine’s nail hacks two thumbs up.

“as a nail tech i approve this message!” wrote @i.c.r.nails. “The only tip i have on top of this is to only buff lightly! dont put pressure on your nail file when you are.”

“yeeesss!” added @kozykaos. “I swear by that nail glue! I’m a hair stylist and my nails take a beating but they still last 2+ weeks.”

Others, however, said they prefer to use different nail brands, depending on the shape and length of their nail beds.

“If you use kiss nails and buy the longer ones, like me, do a few coats of translucent powder under them,” commented @pervykittkat. “Works wonders for firmness and no bending of.”

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