TikToker makes wild discovery after hearing a ‘weird noise’ in her shower

A woman is going viral after sharing the bizarre discovery she made in her shower.

The TikToker, named Hailey (@haileyruscigno), posted a video of the situation on July 13. Within two days, she’d drawn over 6 million views.

It’s easy to see why, as her clip features an occurrence that many TikTokers didn’t even know was possible.

As the video explains, Hailey heard a loud rattling coming from her bathroom. When she entered the shower, she saw a wild, rapidly swirling figure coming out of her shower drain.

Thankfully, it was just a drain snake.

“My neighbor’s plumber apparently went through the wrong pipe…” Hailey captioned the video.

Hailey’s initial reaction was, naturally, fear.

“I had no idea what this was at first,” another caption read.

The TikToker’s response, and that of her video’s 7,500 commenters, is no surprise, as users have long used the app to share strange household discoveries.

In one clip, a new homeowner discovered Jenga pieces holding her bathroom together. In another, a homeowner discovered a mysterious, “secret cube” built into his laundry room.

Hailey’s discovery was obviously temporary, but it was still jarring. In the clip, she can be seen jumping back from the shower as the drain snake emerges. Then it spins wildly around the shower, banging into the walls and floor.

“Not today Satan,” her final caption read.

In a follow-up video, Hailey responded to commenters who said she should’ve grabbed the snake. Although she joked that it was too scary, she ultimately admitted that if she’d known better, she would’ve tried to stop it.

“Clearly if I would’ve had time to figure out it was a drain snake, I would’ve got a towel or something and grabbed it,” she wrote.

Many commenters were sympathetic, saying they would’ve had the exact same reaction.

“I would honestly have a painc attack,” one user wrote.

“I would have freaked out,” another agreed.

Others compared the video to the horror film It, in which the evil clown Pennywise terrorizes his victims through drains.

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