TikToker makes wild discovery after checking into his Airbnb rental: ‘[It's] an old law office or something'

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A TikTok user has gone viral for the discovery he made after checking into his New Orleans Airbnb.

The video tour, which has plenty of viewers jealous, comes courtesy of a user named Evan Huss (@evanhuss). In his clip, he shows how his Airbnb rental appeared to be a converted old law office.

On TikTok, tours of strange apartments are a constant source of interest. Users have also gone viral for sharing tours of a futuristic apartment, a tiny New York living space and a home with a “hidden cave” in it.

Often, those tours go viral for showing undesirable living spaces. But Huss’ clip, which now has over 300,000 views, is mainly drawing positive attention.

"Our Airbnb in New Orleans is an old law office or something," the caption reads.

In the video, Huss walks into the entrance of his New Orleans Airbnb. The door is marked with the words, “McCall Office: Private.”

Meanwhile, the inside looks a lot like the lobby of a smaller office building.

Many TikTokers were so excited about the tour that they wanted to know how to book it.

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“That’s actually pretty cool,” one user wrote.

“It’s like a speakeasy,” another added.

“I love it,” another wrote.

Huss didn’t share the exact listing, but he did write in the comments that the Airbnb was located near the city’s French Quarter. He also said it cost about $300 per night but that he had split it among six people.

Other users were curious as to whether or not it’d actually be worth staying there.

“Is that legal?” one user asked.

“Does it have a bathroom?” another added.

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