TikToker gives tour of his ‘incredible’ 500-square-foot smart home

A TikTok user is going viral after showing off the wild features inside his small-but-elaborate “smart home.”

Brett Turner (@b_turner50) began sharing his automated, 500-square-foot home in late March. The apartment, which features a Siri-powered espresso maker, is now drawing all kinds of praise online.

Apartment tours have long been a point of fascination for TikTokers, although it’s often the worst places that draw the most views. In recent months, users have shown off strange hidden rooms and “nauseating” hallway designs. Even Alex Webber, now one of TikTok’s biggest stars, originally got famous thanks to his shockingly small New York apartment.

Turner’s place, on the other hand, has plenty going for it. In his first viral clip, he showed how he rigged a smart speaker to cue up his morning espresso brew.

The fascination only grew from there. TikTokers had plenty of questions about how Turner set up his coffee maker.

“How did you do this?” one user asked. “Incredible.”

“Tutorial!” another demanded.

“Show us more,” another agreed.

As Turner later explained, he created his coffee automation thanks to a device called Homebridge, which allows users to integrate external programs with their Apple Homekit. In addition to adding commands for coffee, he created sensors that tell him when the machine is low on water.

Soon, Turner posted clips of his other automated features, including his voice-activated blinds. He also shared how he uses Apple Homekit to run his automation programs.

TikTokers were so fascinated by the place that many asked for a full tour. So, Turner obliged.

In that clip, Turner showed each area of his space and detailed how he makes use of such a small apartment. Again, TikTok couldn’t get enough of it.

“Great space, you’ve done some cool stuff (like the breakfast bar) that really brings things together,” one commenter wrote.

“So functional and aesthetic,” another added.

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