TikToker claims he knows how to pick the perfect bag of Cheetos

From chip bags being sold mostly empty to chips being sold with discretionary levels of seasoning, TikTok is revealing that all chips are not made alike — but that there may be ways to procure the perfect bag of chips for you.

For instance, Chef Joni Blackstone (@joniblackstone) shared a video that’s now received over 794,000 views with his theory on how to identify bags of Hot Cheetos with superior levels of seasonings.

According to Blackstone, the key to finding the best Hot Cheetos lies in choosing the larger-sized bags only sold at Mexican grocery stores, hardware stores and meat markets.

“I’ve spent over $100 confirming this theory, and I can now say with confidence, I can pick out a bag of Hot Cheetos and know that it’s going to be a good bag,” Blackstone claimed. “And if you eat Hot Cheetos, you know there’s a difference between a good bag and a bad bag.”

In his video, Blackstone taste-tested both a larger bag and a smaller bag of Hot Cheetos. He explained that he bought Cheetos in a smaller bag at a local convenience store, but the larger size bag came from a local carnicería, which can be a Mexican butcher shop or just a Mexican grocery or convenience store.

He soon realized that the larger bag from the Mexican store had much more seasoning, so he sought out the same size bag at other stores. But more than the bag size, he theorized that the taste difference derived from places that served largely Hispanic populations. The more the store catered to Hispanic individuals, the more seasoning their Cheetos seemed to serve up, he claimed.

“What I found is when you go to the Mexican grocery stores, they have this better type of Hot Cheeto than if you go to, say, the more Americanized grocery stores,” Blackstone asserted. “They’re going to have the ones with more flavor.”

Blackstone called on Frito-Lay to “explain this” in his video, but so far, the company has not responded to him. However, other commenters in the TikTok shared their own theories for strategies they use to pick the best bag of Hot Cheetos with the most seasonings.

“The huge bags from Costco are extra coated. I believe it!” wrote @elizabethherrer720.

“Purple bags of Hot Cheetos from Mexico have the MOST chili powder,” claimed @stevenramirez637.

“Me and my sister noticed the more wrinkled the bag is the better they are!” said @iisiiita.

“Yeah I noticed too, like some chemical reaction that lowers the pressure in the bag or something correlating to more flavor dust? Idk just a guess,” theorized @mobi_is_garbage in agreement.

“Wondering if ‘crunchy flamin hot’ and ‘flamin hot crunchy’ on the bag is a distinguishing factor,” questioned @morgan_eli, seemingly referring to the differences in how the bags Blackstone tested were labeled.

Blackstone’s theory has yet to be confirmed, but if you do end up with a lackluster bag of Hot Cheetos, he claimed in another TikTok that you can amp them up by freezing the entire bag overnight. The hack, he said, makes the Cheetos taste “more fresh” and turns the “flavor more potent.”

“If you haven’t tried the Hot Cheetos in the freezer trick, you have to try it,” he said. “It’s bussin’.”

“Bros the cheeto cpt,” observed @guacfiend.

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