Woman allegedly asked to change into more 'appropriate' shirt by Disney employee: 'They shouldn't have allowed you in'

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On Friday, a TikTok user shared her experience at Disney World. Allegedly, she was approached by Disney staff and told her top was “inappropriate.”

Unfortunately, this seems to be a trend on TikTok this year. Multiple women have shared clips where they claim to have been told that their outfits were inappropriate – despite there being either no dress code or enough specificity in the dress code for them to have known. Recently, two 20-year-olds were asked to leave a bar because the manager said they were basically “topless.” In May, a mom posted a TikTok at Six Flags where she was allegedly asked to leave the park over the length of her shorts, which went so viral Six Flags actually responded to it.

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In this case, Alyssa Schueller said in her TikTok that she was at Disney’s Animal Kingdom all day with no issue. She had just arrived at Epcot for a dinner reservation when an employee allegedly told her that her top was “not allowed.”

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“I questioned him about having no issues earlier in the day at Animal Kingdom, and he said, ‘Well, they shouldn’t have allowed you in,'” Schueller said in a comment. “Having a dress code isn’t a terrible idea, but I do think Disney World needs to be more consistent on enforcing it.”

Schueller told Insider that while Disney comped the cost of the new shirt, the incident caused her family to miss their meal reservation. She added that later she checked online to see where Disney’s dress code mentions that tie-on clothing wasn’t allowed. However, after looking it over, she couldn’t find anything mentioning the subject matter.

Her TikTok video has since accumulated 2 million views and tons of comments supporting her right to wear her original top to the park.

“Girl, you scammed Disney out of free merch,” a commenter pointed out. “You should be proud.”

“Why does it matter what she’s wearing if she’s paying a fortune just to get into the park anyway?” another asked.

“Are Ariel’s seashells inappropriate too?” someone joked. “A child probably wouldn’t even think twice about her outfit.”

A similar TikTok was posted in May by Amanda DiMeo, who said she’d also gotten a free shirt at Disney World because an employee deemed her top “inappropriate.”

According to an interview DiMeo later did with Insider, she felt “fine” about the experience. She even joked that the situation was a great “hack” to getting a free Disney shirt. DiMeo’s video has since racked up 28 million views.

The Disney World website reads: “Disney reserves the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that is considered inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other Guests.”

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