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TikTok is using this sound effect to capture the allure of being young and carefree: ‘i want to go there’

Getting older can definitely have its perks — more financial security, more self-confidence and more life experience that’s taught us not to sweat the small stuff. But every now and then, it’s hard not to miss the glory days of our youth, and it looks like a new TikTok sound has found a way to capture just how fleeting those years can sometimes feel.

The new sound effect, which actually features two songs — a brief excerpt from the ’40s love song “Besame Mucho” by Consuelo Velázquez, interrupted by the more upbeat “Delincuente” by Tokischa — appears to have been first used on TikTok by comedian Vanessa Sirias (@vanessacsirias). It’s now finding its way onto hundreds if not thousands of TikTok videos that bring back memories of being young and carefree.

In most of these clips, the TikToker (who is presumably over 30) is pictured doing something mundane, like going to work, reflecting on their life choices or doing some other sort of boring “adulting” task. As this happens, “Besame Mucho” plays gently in the background, creating a relaxed picture.

But that’s when the quiet scene is interrupted by the more club-thumping song, “Delicuente,” which literally sounds as though it’s being blasted from a passing car that’s driving with the windows down. As the clip progresses, the song gets louder and louder before fading into the background as though the car is heading off to somewhere fun.

At the start of these videos, the TikToker generally looks content. But as the sounds of their youth literally drive by them, they are suddenly reminded of how things used to be when they were young — even though they may be remembering things through rose-colored glasses.

The video that sparked the whole trend was posted by Sirias in early April and now has more than 2.4 million views.

“Me trying to romanticize my life but a Corolla full of girls passes by,” the post caption reads.

The POV clip immediately caught the attention of fellow TikTokers who began to flood the comments section to say how relatable it was.

“That used to be me now I drive a Honda,” one person wrote.

“This literally happened to me yesterday,” wrote someone else.

Another viral TikTok to use the sound clip was shared by @getfitwithgabyy, who used it to show just how fast some stages of life can pass us by.

“Me going into my 30s in a happy, healthy, beautiful marriage and then I see a car full of single young girls on their way to party,” the video text reads.

In the clip, the TikToker starts off by happily leaning against her husband with a gentle smile on her face. But as the car full of young girls passes them, she sits up, leans forward and places her hand on the window longingly. The implication: As much as she loves her life now, a part of her still misses her younger self.

Few TikTok trends have so accurately captured this feeling of “lost youth” before, but countless videos have served as nostalgic portals back to simpler times.

Recently, Jenna Barclay (@jennaabarclay) took viewers on a trip back in time when she showed off her teenage bedroom, which is still fully decorated in Y2K artifacts, including tons of CDs, disposable cameras, a pair of tanning goggles and a collector’s edition fan magazine devoted to the Backstreet Boys.

In another viral TikTok, the account @wedontwannagrowup made a thrilling discovery inside her mom’s attic: A forgotten purse she once owned in 1994 when she was just 13. Inside were handwritten notes to friends, her National Junior Honor Society membership card and a yellow plastic ball from the McDonald’s ball pit (for reasons unknown).

With this latest TikTok trend, however, people are getting nostalgic in a different way. Often, they depict a sense of longing for the days when “real” responsibilities hadn’t hit yet.

“pov: it’s a monday morning in the summer and you’re about to walk into work when a car full of young girls drives by on their way to party at the pool all day,” one clip by @anywayitskatie reads.

“i want to go there,” she added in the post caption.

“no bc not having summer off always smacks me so hard every year,” one commenter admitted. “it just hit me the other day.”

“I was not put on this earth to work everyday,” wrote another. “I was put on this earth to sit by the pool with my friends everyday.”

“I’m tired of having sponserbiliers…,” someone else joked. “I don’t wanna be big peoples no more.”

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