TikTok users are very concerned that crackle nail polish is back

Like other 2010s trends that have made a comeback, from the wide belt trend to the tiny shoulder bag trend, crackle nail polish might start popping up on people’s hands again.

Essence Cosmetics (@essence.cosmetics) has been doing a seven-day countdown of the company’s “newest products,” but one item in particular has already gone viral — and not necessarily because of its novelty.

The Aug. 29 video of Essence’s “magical crackling nail polish” that can be used on its own or painted over another color has amassed 4.6 million views and counting as self-proclaimed millennials flock to the video.

“NOT AGAIN,” wrote @stfpourpre.

“And its back,” quipped @bhtdvmuddbj.

TikTok creator Isabel Clancy (@isabelclanc), who makes videos as the character of a 2000s “it girl,” made a duet that summed up exactly how she feels about the crackle polish comeback.

Clancy’s video got 9.8 million views and even led to younger users chiming in to say that some of them were old enough to remember rocking crackle nail polish, too.

“Gen Z here and I used to wear that nail polish when I was like 10,” wrote @skytheimmortal.

Fellow 2000s impersonator and creator Kate Steinberg (@itskatesteinberg) even documented how crackle nail polish was part of the quintessential 2010 outfit in a June TikTok she posted — well before Essence posted its video.

“I hated the effect of the nail polish, never understood the trend,” commented @andreia_sampaio93.

Nail influencer @denasnails even posted about the “nightmare” that was crackle nail polish back in 2022.

In the same year, Alaéa Francis (@iamalaea) also poked fun at her younger self for loving the nail polish trend.

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