TikTok sparks debate about whether to tip robotic bartender: 'I could not opt out'

A customer couldn’t believe he had to tip a robot bartender for making his margarita, begging the question: Should you tip a robot?

TikToker @Uptin doesn’t usually take issue with tipping for service, even if it’s automatically added. But something didn’t sit right with him with the tipping system at one restaurant where the servers are robotic. He questioned whether non-human labor required tipping at all.

“I normally wouldn’t mind an automatic 10% tip for making my drink but you’re a robot,” @Uptin said in the video.

A touch screen showed a 10% “service charge” added to the cost in addition to 8.4% tax. Over behind the bar, a robot arm could be seen mixing the drink.

He also added that the ice machine was broken and none of the drinks at the restaurant contained ice.

People found the situation more ridiculous than anything. Some noted that a service charge may not mean a tip in this situation.

“Service charge has a whole different meaning here,” a TikToker replied.

“I don’t mind tipping a robot as long as it’s ACTUALLY going to the robot,” a person said.

“I had to use one of these once. I could not opt out and had to tip like 7 bucks,” a user commented.

“He has a wife and two sparkplugs at home,” someone added.

“Because they know half their customers are tipsy and won’t notice,” another wrote.

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