TikTok roasts guy for telling men to hit on women while they read: ‘It’s basic manners’

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A TikToker is under fire for some questionable dating advice he gave to men.

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When @johnnytsunamean shared a “forbidden technique” on how to pick up “English major wifeys,” he may have just been joking. Regardless, in a society where women are regularly catcalled and harassed, it wasn’t a good look. People promptly called him out for giving advice that could seriously backfire.

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“When guys figure out that all the cute English major wifeys hang out at bookstores and libraries, it’s a wrap,” the video text read. “My brother in Christ, literally just ask what she’s reading. Just be ready to lose every argument in the relationship ’cause wifey is gonna be articulate AF.”

“I shouldn’t even be telling y’all this forbidden technique,” he added in the caption.

People in the comment section were uncomfortable with his recommendation to hit on women in libraries and bookstores.

“Perhaps people in their element don’t want to be bothered,” someone wrote.

“Be respectful in the libraries, please,” another commented.

“Don’t interrupt her if she’s reading,” a person said.

“No?? Don’t bother someone that’s reading, it’s basic manners,” a TikToker advised.

“Be warned they might not want to be hit on at that moment,” a user replied.

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