This TikTok hack lets you watch hours of videos offline, ideal for plane journeys

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This TikTok hack shows how to watch videos offlineGetty Images

At some point on a plane journey, you inevitably hit that boredom stage. You've drunk your free drink, sampled the questionable meal and watched all the movies on offer, and you start to get a bit restless. There's only so many times you can try and sleep while someone snores next to you. But thanks to this gamechanging TikTok hack, there's a way to keep yourself entertained on a plane journey, or any other time you have no reception or wifi, by watching literally hours of TikTok offline.

TikTok? Offline? But don't you need some form of signal? Nope, but you do need to forward plan. TikToker Megan Homme shared a life changing tip on her TikTok that shows how you can access and download up to two hours worth of TikTok without having any signal.

All you have to do is head to your settings on TikTok before you head into the area of no reception, aka a plane, and select the option that allows you to download a number of videos, then you'll be able to watch hours worth of TikTok without any form of internet connection. Honestly, our plane journeys are not ready.

Homme's TikTok was only posted on 13 March, and yet has already amassed over 6.8million views and a comment section flooded with people raving about the hack.

a woman on a plane
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So how do you download TikToks to watch offline? Here's your step by step guide.

How to watch TikTok offline

Before you get started, its worth noting you'll need to complete the following steps before you step on a plane, or an area with no reception, as you need signal/wifi to be able to download the videos.

As shown in Megan Homme's TikTok, here's every step you need to take to be able to watch TikToks offline.

  1. Open the TikTok app

  2. Head to settings

  3. Scroll down to 'offline videos'

  4. Pick the number of videos you want to download 50, 100, 150, 200

  5. Press download and TikTok will download the select number of videos from your FYP

These videos will then be stored in the 'offline' section of your settings and you can access them from there.

Unfortunately, if you're always in the comment section of TikTok, then you'll be disappointed to learn the comments of a video aren't downloaded for these offline videos.

But given we can still keep up with TikTok while literally in the air, we'll let that one go.

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