TikTok Is Furious At McDonald's About Its Dollar Menu

TikTok Is Furious At McDonald's About Its Dollar Menu

For years, McDonald's dollar menu has been a go-to option for customers aiming to get a meal for a bargain. But as of late, the restaurant has come under fire from those wondering why the dollar menu lacks items that actually cost $1.

In one TikTok that has since gone viral, a customer pointed out that despite the menu boasting a "$1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu" there isn't any item that is available for just $1. The closest menu item to that price is a soft drink or sweet tea for $1.29.

"McDonald's has a dollar menu right now without a single item that costs one dollar," they revealed.

A number of people in the comments section sounded off, pointing out that they've also noticed the increase in dollar menu prices over the years.

"That’s the 'some dollars and change menu' the hell??" one user wrote.

"Man I miss the dollar menu! Always came in clutch when I had nothing but change," another TikToker shared.

Comedian Kev On Stage also called out McDonald's, pointing out that the restaurant might want to watch their back when it comes to Costco and its hot dog combo.

"What happened to this country? We used to be a proper country. $4.29 for a McChicken? $3.19 for just a cheeseburger? Not even a McDouble, just the cheeseburger. This ain't no McValue," he said. "Go back to a dollar man. Do whatever you gotta do because Costco is still down to $1.50 for that hot dog."

"People need that one dollar menu to actually be one dollar still," he added.

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