TikTok commenters react to influencer's videos complaining about her European vacation: 'I would die to be able to travel that much'

Mikaela Testa (@mikaelatesta), a lifestyle and OnlyFans influencer and TikToker with 2.4 million followers shared a different side of what aspirational vacation destinations can look like. In a series of TikToks, Testa revealed that many of the dreamy European trips influencers take are not all that “they’re cracked out to be.”

Testa is currently on a months-long trip through popular European vacation hotspots like Barcelona and Capri but admitted that she and her friends are ready to come home. Testa complained about the sheer amount of walking required to get anywhere and, as other influencers have pointed out, the lack of water in some European locations and the uptick in pickpocketing theft.

“If you’re not in Europe this summer and you’re really sad about it, don’t be, please,” she told her followers in a since-deleted TikTok that amassed over 2.5 million views.

“I just feel like the influencers come to these locations and make them look so amazing and so pretty and so photogenic and so amazing, but half of it’s like edited and filtered and just not real,” she claimed.

In another TikTok, Testa recommended that anyone traveling to Europe skip Barcelona.

“I’ve lived here for three months and I stand in p*** every single day,” she claimed.

Not all of her followers agreed with he,r and some argued that Testa was complaining about things that are just part of everyday life in Europe, like walking a lot.

“Just like every other big city. It’s not a big deal, it’s one of the best cities in the world,” said @lilsumak.

“Barcelona is amazing what are you talking about,” countered @kayrolly.

Still, Testa stood firm in her decision to reveal the unglamorous side of travel that she said other influencers don’t talk about.

“Why does nobody mention the negatives like literally urine puddles EVERYWHERE and major crime, violence and theft in daylight!” Testa wrote in her comments about Barcelona.

A report from February found that crime was down over 14% in Barcelona compared to 2019. Because of the huge influx of tourism, petty theft is a major issue for the city.

Testa also claimed that she “got spat on” and that her “building got smashed whilst sleeping” during her stay, pushing her to speak out.

“I’ll say what I want,” Testa concluded.

“Instances of tourists being attacked in Barcelona is extremely rare and often it’s the tourist making the provocation in the first place,” Mathilde Magnier wrote for The Broke Backpacker, a travel blog. “Just remember to be respectful of the locals and to treat Barcelona like you would treat your own home city.”

Despite her honesty, some of her followers shared their thoughts that Testa was skipping over discussing the privilege of even being able to travel to as many popular destinations as she has.

“I would die to be able to travel that much,” noted @exxluvrr.

“You spend half the year in Europe and have the cheek to call it overrated,” another commenter wrote.

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