TikTok chef proposes communal 'butter boards' as a snack: 'The first great culinary idea I've come across in years'

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A recipe developer is trying to make “butter boards” a thing. Hear her out.

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TikToker Justine Doiron is going viral amongst foodies after introducing her 1.8 million followers to butter boards. A butter board is a sharing platter where butter is the star instead of cheese or sliced meats. Doiron credited Chef Joshua McFadden with the idea, initially featured in McFadden’s 2017 book Six Seasons.

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“Have you heard of a butter board? This is what one looks like. I want to make them the next charcuterie board,” Doiron said.

She spread butter on a cheese board. Then she added salt, lemon zest, herbs, edible flowers, coriander and honey and served the spread with warm rustic bread. To eat, just dip the bread in and enjoy.

“It just feels really communal. I love it,” she exclaimed.

The yummy concept racked up 7.1 million views on TikTok. You can also peep more butter board recipes at Doiron’s website Justine Snacks.

“Serving a bunch of people? I was excited about making one for myself,” a user said.

“This is the first GREAT culinary idea I’ve come across in YEARS,” another commented.

“I need to make this at my next dinner party,” another wrote.

“Communal? I’d eat that in 5 mins by myself tops,” someone joked.

“Justine, you really popped off with this one,” a TikToker replied.

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