Tigers' Taranto laments 'disappointing' criticism

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Joel Carrett/AAP PHOTOS

Richmond boom recruit Tim Taranto has lamented "disappointing" levels of personal criticism but is adamant he can push through the fierce scrutiny.

The former GWS midfielder has had a largely impressive start to life as a Tiger but has been subject to a fierce wave of criticism from former Port Adelaide midfielder Kane Cornes.

The outspoken AFL pundit has consistently targeted Richmond's decision to recruit Taranto and Jacob Hopper on big long-term deals, including highlighting the former's lack of kicking efficiency.

Taranto, who has averaged 30 disposals, 13 contested possessions and 6.6 clearances, conceded he wanted to improve his disposal by foot but stressed there was more to his game than that.

"What he's saying is not entirely wrong. Like I'm not a very good kick, I'm not gonna try and say I am. It's definitely a part of my game I need to work on, there's no doubt about that," he told RSN.

"But it's disappointing. I feel like I'm doing some other things pretty well.

"I guess you can find numbers, you can find narratives and things on certain players to make anyone look good or anyone look bad. It's not very hard to do.

"What he's saying is fair enough. I understand what he's saying. It's definitely a part of my game I want to work on more, but just disappointing that that's all that's been focused on."

Taranto, who was at the Giants for six seasons before requesting a trade to Richmond, admitted he'd been taken aback by the barrage of criticism.

"It's been a bit of a shock since I got to Richmond but it seems like it's coming week by week now and I've kind of gotten used to Kane's comments," Taranto said.

"He's got a narrative and he's going hard at it.

"Anything that I do now, he's going to analyse and find things to back up his points, which he's allowed to do, he's allowed to have an opinion and allowed to read stats and whatnot.

"So good on him and I'm sure his boss is very happy with him and he's doing well.

"I can't argue with what he's saying, just got to leave him to say what he wants."

Taranto has been well backed by coach Damien Hardwick and his teammates.

"They've gotten around me really hard and supported me through - it's not like it's a tough time or anything - what Kane has been saying, because I haven't really experienced that type of criticism before," Taranto added.

"Everyone's gonna have lovers and haters. It's just part of the game and something I've accepted and just gotta get through."