Was this throw worth a free kick against Buddy?

A playful free kick against Buddy Franklin has divided footy fans, despite the rulebook’s clear definition.

The Swans forward took the ball over the boundary line and lobbed the footy to Carlton’s Sam Rowe.

But it nudged the defender’s head on its way into his hands – and the umpire wasn’t happy.

AFL rules state players must “immediately hand the football to the boundary umpire or drop the football directly to the ground”.

With Franklin opting to get his opponent involved instead he fell foul of the whistleblowers, but fans thought it was over the top:

The umpires didn’t just catch the attention of footy fans watching at home.

Dane Rampe dropped a brilliant sledge towards one after conceding a free kick for blocking a forward.

“Clarko would be happy with that,” he said, referencing AFL chief Gillon McLachlan’s recent chat with Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson.

“Did you have a coffee with him too?”