Three-Month-Old Puppy Undergoes Amputation After Being Injured and Abandoned

A three-month-old puppy had a leg amputated on Thursday, May 18, after being found abandoned with blunt force wounds in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

According to dog rescue group Pooches in Pines, the puppy was found by the Pembroke Pines police on May 15 in an abandoned building, and was brought to an emergency veterinarian for treatment.

Angela Goodwin, founder of Pooches in Pines, told local media that she named the dog Maverick after the latest Top Gun film.

Maverick sustained two fractures and several infected wounds which appeared to be from blunt force trauma, Pooches in Pines said.

On Thursday, Maverick underwent a successful amputation surgery on his rear leg and is now recovering, according to Pooches in Pines.

Local news reported that the Pembroke Pines Police Department are searching for the individual who injured and abandoned Maverick. Credit: Pooches in Pines via Storyful

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