Three key fantasy football bounce-back candidates for 2020

It’s happened to us all before. You draft a player whom you believe is about to have a monster year. You happily await their season debut. You stay hopeful even when that player doesn’t do anything in Week 1 or Week 2 or Week 3. But then the weeks continue, and so does the minimal production.

You’ve been burned by a player you thought would be a fantasy star. It’s hard not to take it personal.

But that’s why the phrase “bounce back” exists. If a player is talented enough and in the right situation, an off-year can be followed by a career year. Andy Behrens and Tank Williams reveal three players whom they believe will bounce back next season.

Andy’s first candidate is a player who ended up burning many fantasy managers this past season: David Montgomery. Montgomery was possibly overhyped (okay, maybe a lot overhyped) but Andy urges fantasy managers to remain patient. It is very common for very good running backs to not do anything in their rookie season. Montgomery is going to remain a centerpiece in the Bears offense and should receive more and more chances to show off his skillset in Year 2.

Andy also says star receiver A.J. Green is going to bounce back, too. Whether Green goes to a new team or gets franchised with the Bengals, he’ll get a QB upgrade, and he will remind everyone of what he’s capable of (six 1000-yard seasons in his career).

A lot of people got burned by Saquon Barkley this past season. There was a point where Barkley was the only healthy weapon on the Giants, and then he got hurt, too. It was a down year for Barkley after a raucous rookie season, no ifs ands or buts about it, but Tank says: Don’t let it fool you. Barkley will bounce back in 2020 and, surrounded by a healthy, talented giants offense, he will ball next season.

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