'They've made that pretty clear that they almost target clubs in crisis'

General view outside Goodison Park
General view outside Goodison Park

Speaking to BBC World Service Sport, senior football news reporter for The Athletic Matt Slater believes there is still a lot to be concerned about at Everton, despite the agreed sale to 777: "Everton fans should be worried. They should have been worried for several years because of the mounting losses, huge losses year after year, the relegation battles, the unfinished stadium, the fact that they are up facing financial fair play charges for breaking Premier League rules.

"There's a long list and Everton fans know, they're worried, they've been worried for a while. Whilst something had to be done and the situation with Moshiri can't last, because I'm sorry to say things can't last because Everton are heading for administration.

"So are 777 the answer? The solution? Well, this is where I think we get to a new set of worries. They're relatively new, they've bought a lot of clubs - all of them, I would say, distressed assets - and they've made that pretty clear that they almost target clubs that are in crisis. One - because they're cheap and available. And two - they're business model is: 'We can turn things around quickly because if you're at the bottom it's all up'. But it doesn't always go that way, does it?

"We're looking at their track record and there isn't much to look at yet because they're new, so already you have some doubts. I would say their record at the other clubs is mixed - there's been relegations, there's been promotions - but there has also been some issues around payments and some fans were upset about being part of a group and they're not sure about he strategy. I'm not sure about the strategy, it just looks like a series of bets or punts really.

"Lot's of questions. Lot's of questions before this happened and even more now that it might happen."

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