TikTokers seek therapeutic relief through revenge on past 'enemies' in hilariously ironic meme trend: 'Don't test me'

Another extremely funny TikTok trend has spread across the app, as young users confess why they sometimes feel as if “therapy isn’t enough” for them.

The “therapy isn’t enough” TikTok trend began in June, and it involves users playfully sharing imagined cathartic experiences that they believe would provide them instant relief. Each TikTok utilizes the “Swordplay Showdown” background music, which provides a fitting tune for the trend’s irony and unhinged-ness.

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Usually, TikTokers humorously share that getting revenge on past “enemies” would provide them the most relief. This TikTok posted by user JJ Niemann shows him sharing why “therapy isn’t enough” for him — he’s seeking revenge on his high school choir teacher.

TikTok users who had similar experiences during their time in high school choir took to Niemann’s comment section to share their thoughts.

“SAME! Still have nightmares about him, and it took me years to be comfortable singing in public after him,” someone commented.

“Anyone who’s in choir has experienced a toxic director, and u can’t tell me otherwise,” another TikToker added.

Another video shared by TikToker Lexi shows her seeking catharsis by putting her best friend’s high school boyfriend in his place.

Many commented to express similar feelings toward friendships that ended over relationships.

“This, but because of him, we aren’t friends anymore,” a TikTok user commented.

“He took her away from me, and I loved her so much,” another wrote.

“PUT ME IN THE RING,” someone joked.

In other forms of the TikTok trend, the “enemies” are very lighthearted examples. TikToker Callie Krajcir shared this video on wanting to “fight” everyone who has ever judged her for her amount of bathroom breaks.

Viewers related to Krajcir’s sentiments.

“Frrrr like I promise this is more inconvenient for me than it is for you. I gotta plan my whole day around it,” a TikToker commented.

“I can turn a 3-hour road trip into a 5-hour road trip. Don’t test me,” another added.

TikToker Mya shared another lighthearted variation of the “therapy isn’t enough” trend.

“I need to tell my parents ‘dinner’s ready’ so they come downstairs only for me to ask them to set the table and tell them that there’s actually 30 minutes before the food’s actually ready,” Mya wrote in the caption.

“Glad to know this is a universal experience,” a TikToker commented.

“They could just say ‘come set the table,’ and I’d do it,” another added.

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