'That's impossible’: Darts star ruined by unbelievable anomaly

Scottish darts star Peter Wright has wowed onlookers with a turn of darts labelled ‘impossible’ and ‘implausible’.

With his opening three throws in his semi-final clash against Mensur Suljovic in the World Matchplay, Wright was left shaking his head after an unbelievable series of events.

With his first dart, the eccentric player landed a disappointing five, and from there things went downhill quickly.

How’s he done that? Image: Sky Sports

His second dart cannoned into the end of the first, blasting the tail off the shaft of the first and falling off the board.

Wright seemed unfazed though, as he attempted to remain composed for his third throw.

With a quizzical look on his face, Wright unleashed his third dart and landed it on exactly the same mark, burying it into the end of the first dart, and leaving him with a dismal score of just five for the set.

Unbelievably, Wright would do similar on his second set of darts, losing a dart after another collision on the board.

That left a commentator completely perplexed.

“That’s impossible, implausible!” The commentator exclaimed.

Unfortunately that ‘impossible’ sequence of events was too much for Wright to overcome, as he went down 17-13 in the semi-final to Mensur Suljovic, who went on to lose to Gary Anderson in the final.