'Terrible decision': SBS blasted after axing popular footy show

Chris Young
Sports Reporter

SBS have come under fire from irritated football fans after controversially cancelling popular football program, the Marngrook Footy Show.

The program, which premiered in 2007, enjoyed a cult following after a 12-year run on NITV and SBS.

The show’s founder and producer Grant Hansen confirmed the decision to the Herald Sun, labelling the call not to renew the show for a 13th season ‘crazy’.

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“I can’t understand their reasoning, it was the most popular show on the network and brought people to NITV,” Hansen told the Herald Sun.

“People are just stunned. They were lining up to be on it, musicians used to call us to get on the show, players and their managers would want to come on.

Fans have been left confused by the decision to cancel the Marngrook Footy Show, which first hit screens in 2007 and was aired by NITV. Picture: AAP

“It’s a really crazy decision. Hopefully someone will come to their senses at SBS.”

The axing of the Marngrook Footy Show follows the eventual demise of Channel 9’s own Footy Show, which failed to compete with Channel 7’s The Front Bar throughout the 2019 season.

Fans of the show were irritated to discover it have been cancelled, with many taking to Twitter to register their displeasure.

In a statement provided to Yahoo Sport Australia, NITV channel manager Tanya Orman said budget constraints had forced the channel’s hand.

“The Marngrook Footy Show has been an important part of NITV’s schedule for 12 years,” she said.

“The media landscape has changed significantly over that time, and we have to make tough choices about how we spend our limited budgets across our programming.

“While it was a difficult decision to make after such a long run, NITV remains committed to delivering quality AFL coverage from a uniquely Indigenous perspective.

“We are looking at formats for a new show that will join our existing sports coverage including the Northern Territory Football League, the Koori Knockout, Over the Black Dot and the National Basketball League.”

Saints forward opens up about concussions, retirement

Paddy McCartin and partner Lucy Brownless have opened up about the “hardest eight months” of their lives as they continue to deal with McCartin’s ongoing concussion struggle.

On Monday, St Kilda announced they had delisted McCartin in a mutual decision aimed at allowing the 23-year-old to focus on his recovery.

The 2014 No.1 draft pick suffered his most recent concussion - his eighth - in the pre-season for the 2019 campaign and has not featured at any level of football since.

On Tuesday McCartin revealed he’d been diagnosed with a convergence spasm and struggles to go outside because of the bright light.

When he does go outside of his house, he’s not allowed to drive.

But he remains optimistic that he can return to full health and play at the highest level again, after receiving positive news from recent test results.

"I got a bit of a different opinion and I learned that I can potentially play again," he told SEN Radio on Tuesday.

"There were a lot of times where I was like 'stuff this, I can't go through this again because it's been so difficult'.

"But when I went in there on Friday (to get test results) they gave me the confidence that it can correct itself."

When asked how his family feel about his worrying series of head injuries, McCartin revealed that they are pleased to see him with a smile on his face again.

"They're really happy that I'm feeling OK in myself right now, because there were times I was struggling just to get up," he said.