Teri Hatcher Was Kicked Off Dating App After Profile Was Deemed Fake: 'They Thought I Was Pretending'

"I'm definitely done with the dating apps," Hatcher said on 'Getting Grilled with Curtis Stone'

<p>Astrid Stawiarz/Getty</p> Teri Hatcher at The American Heart Association

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

Teri Hatcher at The American Heart Association's Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection Concert 2023

Teri Hatcher was kicked off the popular dating app Hinge because her profile was deemed fake.

The actress made the hilarious revelation during an appearance on Getting Grilled with Curtis Stone after being asked about her dating life.

"I've tried them all, and I tried my latest one. I tried Hinge," she told host Curtis Stone while sharing that she doesn't "meet people."

"You know, I thought, I'm gonna say to the universe that I am open and vulnerable, and I'm putting myself out there. That's what I thought my gesture of joining that Hinge app would be. And then they kicked me off," continued the actress.

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<p>Franziska Krug/Getty</p> Teri Hatcher in Munich, Germany

Franziska Krug/Getty

Teri Hatcher in Munich, Germany

What do you mean they kicked you off?" the chef asked.

"Well, they thought I was pretending to be Teri Hatcher," Hatcher explained.

"They apologized, and then I was like, 'I'm sort of over it.' So now I'm over it," continued Hatcher. "I'm definitely done with the dating apps, and I feel like if there's any way I'll go somewhere and meet someone, that's what it's gonna have to be, but honestly, I'm happy. I have a really full life, a really busy life. I have beautiful friends. I, you know, it's fine. I don't need a man. I have a cat."

While celebrating her 59th birthday in December, the Desperate Housewives alum declared that she would follow Jane Fonda's "pretty great advice" about intentional living.

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Hatcher made the promise to herself by sharing a clip of Fonda, 86, talking about what she experienced at age 59 during an appearance on the Absolutely Not podcast.

"At 59, I decided in order to know where I want to go for those last 30 years and how I want to end up, I have to figure out where I've been," Fonda said, noting that she "started to be very intentional," with how she lived her life.

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"You know, it's like intentional living. I want to get better," she continued. "I want to be a better person. I want her to know that I love her. I want her, you know, just the things that you want to get done so you won't have the regrets, and it led to me being a pretty happy 86-year-old."

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