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All Eyes on Paris Attacks



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Our chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross because a she describes as a possible drive by shooting.

But we also heard and a couple of these instances they might have been suicide bombers which you have reported here in the US has been the fear here for some time here and across your.

Suicide bombers difficult to stop.

This appears to have been a well planned coordinated and a spontaneous attack in which the six or seven shooters perhaps and bombers.

Rain around Paris clearly something that took some time to organize.

The French said just a few months ago they knew of 17100.

French citizens or residents who were on the ice is track.

Followers devices only 500 of them in Syria.

Another 12100 still back in the homeland France still home there in France and as we just reported five attackers are dead but they don't know tonight the others are now on the run exactly and this was nothing but cold blooded massacre of unarmed people out for a night on the town Brian witness Brian Ross with us tonight trying to thinks he was well.