Jo is shattered but this is just the start

Roger Rasheed January 24, 2013, 9:18 am

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's coach Roger Rasheed writes exclusively for Yahoo!7 following his charge's heartbreaking loss to Swiss maestro, Rogre Federer at the Australian Open.

Speaking to Jo straight after the loss last night he was disappointed, of course.

This is a grand slam so when players lose they are disappointed.

There were moments when he was shattered by the loss to Federer, shattered it didn’t go his way.

He had opportunities in the game to win it but he missed out.

Still he will be proud of his efforts.

I think it is good for Jo to see the fruits of his labour pay dividends. Although these aren’t big dividends, he didn’t win and that is what we are here to do.

But he was without a coach for 18 months but now is really getting into it.

We have him doing a heap of individual things, doing the type of training so he can engage at the top end for longer, keep that intensity throughout the entire match.

It’s a heavy process what we have started with Jo. So far it is only 10 percent of the package so there is a lot of work ahead for him to keep delivering and buying into the process.

It’s a long year and he will get a lot more opportunities because we are looking at this over the long term, this is going to happen over the next one, two, three years.

It is a lot of hard work and he really has to put his foot down and work extremely hard to make it a success.

Jo has always had the ambition, he is a top ten player in the world and has been in grand slam finals before.

It’s just his consistency platform that has got better and will keep getting better.

I know it is all there. If I didn’t think he had the gear and the desire to work hard then I wouldn’t be on board.

So I truly believe he will keep working this hard and will be challenging the really top guys consistently now.

You have to give credit to Roger last night though, he is an exceptional player and does what he does.

There were a lot of crunch moments in the game, some went to Roger, some to Jo.

But when you have won 17 grand slams like Roger you have put yourself in these crunch moments a lot and you know what to do.

He came up with some good stuff, he really lifted.

Can he win the Australian Open from here?

There is no reason he can’t go the distance.

He has Andy Murray in front of him, another big match and if he wins then probably Novak Djokovic.

It wouldn’t surprise me either way if he did win, he is looking pretty good at the moment.

Roger Rasheed is a Channel 7 tennis commentator and coach of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

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  1. Tom01:38pm Thursday 24th January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Jo came very close to beating Federer, and I was surprised. Federer upped a gear in the final set, the way only the top three or four seem to be able to do. I'm not sure if Jo can do this, or whether he sometimes just doesn't think he can win. My money's on Murray this time. He has the almost old-fashioned artistry needed to beat Federer and Djokovic, seems in superb form - at the peak of his mental and physical fitness, and - most important - now knows he can win a Slam.