This is going to hurt Sam

Rennae Stubbs January 17, 2013, 5:29 pm

The bottom line for Sam Stosur after last night is that loss is going to hurt.

She was so very close, two breaks up in the deciding set, to closing it out.

No question it will sting.

But I have no doubt knowing Sam pretty well that she will bounce back.

Look, to be honest I don’t know what would have been going through her mind in the final few games because I am, emotionally, a different person.

But certainly she would have been feeling good at 5-2 up.

Sitting courtside I was feeling good, I was feeling as though she was going to win.

It can be hard to serve it out and when she went to serve at 5-2 I thought this end will be the tough one to finish it off. It was into the wind, kind of feels uphill.

And her opponent, Jie Zheng would have felt there was nothing to lose so she could relax and swing away and that’s what she did.

Then Zheng played a great service game and it was 5-4. But I still felt confident and Sam should have as well.

But then Sam, you could see, started feeling the pressure.

She played a couple of bad points and I thought ‘oh no, not again’.

Sam would have been trying to relax, and put all those bad thoughts out of her head but she just couldn’t and we know what happened.

I think maybe Sam started looking at the finish line a bit early, and that is very easy to do. We are all told not to, but sometimes it just happens.

The crowd was great, Sam was pumped up and once she got that second break she started thinking about the win.

So I think she has to learn to stay in the moment, stay focused in a time like that.

And there is no doubt, Sam will learn from this.

It will definitely be a very tough experience but hopefully she can turn it around.

It is hard here in Australia as well.

Sam does not crave the media attention, she is not that type of person and when she is travelling the rest of the year it is not really there.

But here in Australia all of a sudden the spotlight is on her. So she has to learn to love and embrace that attention when the Australian Open is on.

In the end, as bad as it seems now, Sam will get over this.

I know her well enough to say that this loss will pass and she will quickly focus on the rest of the year.

She will realise this time in Australia is only a few weeks and she has the rest of the year ahead of her.

She will concentrate on the French again because that is where she knows she can win.

There is Europe and the US and she will move on and no doubt perform very well all year.

Now we turn our attention to Bernard Tomic.

He may be only playing a qualifier in German Daniel Brands but anyone can beat anyone on their day here.

Bernie will have been watching Sam last night and he will be aware that it doesn’t always go your way.

He is playing amazing tennis though, he has not lost a match this year and will be odds-on favourite today.

If he does play well we are all looking forward to that match up with Roger Federer. We will then really know where Bernard’s tennis is.

Bernard is playing in the late afternoon and it is tipped to be a stinker of a day but the problem won’t be a problem for him. If he uses that excuse I think I will have to have a word to him.

Another thing you have to remember is it is exactly the same for the guy up the other end.

So while the heat will definitely affect some people, Bernie won’t be one of them.

Rennae Stubbs is a Channel 7 commentator.

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  1. Narayanswamy06:14pm Thursday 17th January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    This is what one would call "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory"

  2. Joel01:02am Friday 18th January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Rennae Stubbs talked #$%$ When you lost, you lost in a gracious way. If you Sam couldn't serve to close the match, you have to give credit to the Chinese girl. She played really well and good tennis. Typical Aussie loser talk. Sam Stosur was lucky to win the US open. I am very sure this is the first and the last one for her.

  3. M08:10pm Friday 18th January 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Time is fast running out for Sam to "get over this" as you believe she will Stubbsy. She has been around professional tennis long enough to have overcome such basic stuff by now. My tip is she will never get over it and unfortunately she will fail to reach her full potential. With her all round game and physical fitness levels she could have been at the top of women's tennis for many, many years, instead of being the perennial 'big scalp' in major tournaments, who is always being 'upset' by low ranked players.