Teen scares stepdad with hilariously scary hallway prank: ‘My soul left my body’

A teenage boy pranked his stepdad, and it’s scarier than any horror film.

Dads were pretty much designed to be pranked. And teenage boys are undoubtedly the perfect pranksters. So when 16-year-old Chase Crenshaw saw his dad shutting off the lights in a hallway, it was the perfect opportunity to have a laugh at the poor guy.

We’ve seen parents get the best of their kids with hilarious pranks — like this dad who used Alexa to scare his teenage son silly when he caught him sneaking out of the house — but Chase is turning the tide on TikTok parents with his bone-chilling joke!

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The stepdad was turning off the lights in each room along a lengthy corridor of what appeared to be an office building. The lights in the hallway were already off, so it was pretty dark. As the stepdad made his way down the hall, Crenshaw crawled on all fours from one room to another. The stepdad, sensing something’s presence, turned around in fear.

“Hello?” the father said.

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No one answered, so he continued walking down the hall. Then Crenshaw scurried on all fours into another room. His stepdad quickly turned around, throwing his hat down on the ground.

“Hello?!” the father shouted. “Who’s here?”

When no one answered, the stepdad ran down the hallway, abandoning his hat. Then, of course, Crenshaw ran behind him, rushing into another room before the video cut off.

The hilarious video received over 7.5 million views on TikTok.

“He said ‘hello?’ like they do in the movies,” a user said.

“I cried from laughing so hard at the crawling. Something my brother would definitely do,” another wrote.

“Dude, my soul would have left my body if that happened to me,” someone added.

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