Teen fighter stuns MMA world with 'never-before-seen' move

A 19-year-old phenom from Japan has put himself on the map with a crazy move that could be a first in professional MMA.

Tenshin Nasukawa is quickly rising through the ranks of the Rizin Fighting Federation, and with moves like the one above, it’s not hard to see why.

Nasukawa stunned opponent Yusaku Nakamura on Sunday with an incredible variation of the ‘rolling thunder’ kick.


How did he do that?

Nasukawa ducked out of the way of a big right hand from Nakamura, before rolling to the ground and kicking his opponent in the face in the process.

While fighters will normally deliver the blow with their outside foot, Nasukawa went one step better and used his inside leg to landed the kick flush on target.

Remember the name. Image: Getty

The stunning kick didn’t end the fight, but paved the way for a brutal TKO win, and left the MMA world in shock at how he’d pulled it off.