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Teen’s Elton John prom outfit stuns TikTok in the best way possible: ‘Iconic’

An 18-year-old named Max (@max.wertz) is redefining what it means to “slay” prom night after he showed up in an outfit inspired by the Rocket Man himself, Sir Elton John.

The teen recently shared his prom night look on TikTok, which quickly went viral and caused thousands of people to flood the comments section with praise and compliments.

At the start of the clip, Max films himself in a simple T-shirt and glasses while lip-synching one of John’s most beloved songs, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.” But as soon as the song begins to ramp up, the shot changes abruptly to show Max on prom night — decked out in white jeans and a white leather jacket adorned with feathers, pearls and other design elements you might expect to see John wearing during one of his performances.

Even his glasses appear to have gotten a glow-up and are bedazzled with rhinestones.

The whole ensemble is, in a word, iconic — and Tiktok was quick to let Max know it.

“Slay the house boots down I’m deceased,” one commenter wrote.

“ELTON WOULD BE PROUD,” said another.

“I have no idea who you are and how you ended up on my Tiktok but you ROCKED that outfit!!!” someone else shared. “Living your best life.”

A lot of people commented with just one word to describe how they were feeling, leaving comments like “OBSESSED,” “Incredible” and “YASSSSS.” Others simply called it “iconic.”

To date, the TikTok has over 2.3 million views and earned Max countless new followers.

Prom has definitely come a long way since the late ’90s/early ’00s, when everyone pretty much showed up in the same outfit and arrived in a stretch limo on the big night. These days, Gen Zers are calling their own shots about what their prom night outfits should look like, and they’re not afraid to break a few rules while they’re at it.

One teen recently went viral for transforming a thrifted wedding gown into a gorgeous pink prom dress. Another decided to take her mom’s prom dress from 1994 and repurpose it. (Spoiler alert: It was still fire.) And a group of friends made headlines a few months back by deciding to wear traditional Indian dresses to prom instead of typical American prom dresses.

There was even a teen who skipped the limo trend altogether and showed up to prom in a hearse — where several “pallbearers” had to remove a coffin from the back and open it for her to emerge.

(Talk about making an entrance.)

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