Teammate calls dibs on Cameron's MOTY prize

Charlie Cameron has put his nomination in for the AFL’s mark of the year but a teammate has already claimed ‘half the prize’ if the Brisbane Lions dynamo takes it out.

The ball dropped perfectly into Cameron’s chest on Sunday but only after he leapt above the 194cm Darcy Gardiner, clipping his taller teammate across the head with his right leg.

“Good to see the set play we’ve been working on finally come off,” Gardiner tweeted on Sunday night after the Lions secured a remarkable 56-point upset win over Hawthorn.

“And you owe me half of the prize #markoftheyear.”

It’s not the first time a teammate has tried to claim the reward, either.

West Coast star Nic Naitanui won mark of the year in 2015 after he climbed up over then teammate Callum Sinclair and two Geelong players.

“He’s promised me the (prize) if he wins it this year,” Sinclair said.

“I was actually pretty dirty. I thought he was going to hold out and let me have a crack one-on-one but I soon found out that that wasn’t the case.

“Hopefully he wins it this year. That’ll help me out.”

Charlie Cameron standing, Charlie Cameron leaping. Pic: Getty/Channel 7

Naitanui did take out the title but Naitanui revealed last year that he never even kept the prize for himself – because it wasn’t a car!

“Obviously being a relative of Ash Sampi – he got a Toyota Prado or something as a prize for mark of the year (in 2004).”

“My year – I got a year’s supply of Weet-Bix! Fifty-two boxes of Weet-Bix. That’s all I got, and a medal.

“I said keep your Weet-Bix, I don’t eat them. I thought I was getting a new car.”