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Team USA dominates again & Giannis makes the Bucks nervous | No Cap Room

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Jake Fischer, from Manila where he’s covering the FIBA World Cup, joins Dan Devine (not in Manila) to talk about Team USA’s 3-0 record, Steve Kerr’s coaching and Giannis making the Milwaukee Bucks fans nervous.

On this episode of No Cap Room, Jake Fischer returns from vacation and joins the show from Manila, where he’s currently covering Team USA’s performance at the FIBA World Cup.

Jake shares with Dan Devine (and the listeners!) all sorts of news and analysis coming out of USA’s drubbing of Jordan, including a change to the starting rotation by Steve Kerr that paid off in a big way. We also discuss some of the other undefeated teams that USA will undoubtedly have to come up against going forward.

Giannis Antetokounmpo made some Milwaukee Bucks fans nervous with a quote in the New York Times last week about valuing winning over loyalty to a single team. It was definitely a message sent to the Bucks’ front office, but Jake says it’s a message that did not catch the Bucks by surprise.

Keeping in mind the next round of NBA superstars that teams are watching, just in case a trade request is made, Dan and Jake talk about Luka Doncic and how quickly everything could go sour with Kyrie Irving and the Dallas Mavericks if their offseason moves don’t pan out.

Jake pours some cold water on the idea that a Joel Embiid trade request could be coming for the Philadelphia 76ers, and then explains why it is perfectly reasonable for James Harden to consider himself a superstar worthy of a trade demand.

Finally, before we end the show, Jake regales us with a story about traveling from Thailand to Vietnam without having the necessary paperwork.

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