Tahar Rahim feels "blessed" to be part of Madame Web

tahar rahim as ezekiel in madame web
Tahar Rahim feels "blessed" to be in Madame WebCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Tahar Rahim has said he feels "blessed" to be a part of the new Sony Marvel movie Madame Web.

The film stars Dakota Johnson as Cassandra Webb, aka Madame Web, a New York paramedic who uncovers the ability to see into the future and uses her newfound power to save three young women (Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O'Connor and Isabella Merced) as they take on villain Ezekiel Sims (Rahim).

Speaking to Digital Spy about becoming a supervillain in the longest Sony Marvel movie yet, Rahim said it felt like a childhood dream come true.

dakota johnson as madame web, madame web
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"It was great, it was a lot of fun! It was like realising a dream for real. You think about it when you are a kid, you think about it when you are an adult, especially when you are an actor, and when you get that offer you feel blessed to be part of this movie," Rahim said.

Opening up about playing Ezequiel in the Spider-Man spin-off, Rahim touched on his character's motivations for turning to the dark side and revealed what he found compelling about him: "His physicality, his powers, and his psychological aspect. What brings him to darkness."

Discussing what it was like to work alongside Johnson, The Serpent star sang Johnson's praises, mentioning one scene in particular.

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"It was an absolute pleasure," he said. "She's a great actress, and a great person, with a beautiful heart, which helps when you have to act with somebody.

He continued: "And we had a lot of fun, but especially when we were facing each other in this specific scene in the middle of the movie, the diner scene. That was pure acting, mixed in the superhero world. I loved it."

Rahim has previously said that if he wasn't playing the villain he would want to have played Iron Man.

"As an audience member, I feel like my favourite is Iron Man. He is a human being, he doesn't have any superpowers, he is fun and he is a hero," he said.

Madame Web is released in cinemas on February 14.

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