Table tennis player's incredible block stuns rival

A Norwegian table tennis player has stunned his opponent with a ridiculous block while sitting on the ground.

Trondheim player Chris battled Rana rival Ronny in a match on Sunday, with one particular point quickly going viral.

Ronny dominated the exchange and sent Chris tumbling to the floor as he saved the point with a looping shot.

As his opponent lined up a smash, Chris came up with a bit of genius as he popped his bat up above the table.

Ronny’s shot slammed right into it and the ball landed on the other end of the table, spinning away and earning Chris the most remarkable point.

The incredible shot from the floor stunned his rival. Pic: Trondheim BTK

“Chris is testing new ways to block!” his club posted on Facebook.

It was so good that the players on the table one court over stopped their match to react.

Ronny was a good sport about it all, too, walking over to shake Chris’s hand as witnesses applauded.