Sydney Sweeney just chopped off her hair and hard launched a shag lob cut

sydney sweeney in a leather dress with long blonde hair
Sydney Sweeney hard launched a shag lob haircutMonica Schipper - Getty Images

PSA Sydney Sweeney just chopped off her long blonde tresses and hard launched a mid-length shag haircut. She debuted the look at Miu Miu's Paris Fashion Week show, and we are quite justifiably obsessed.

Our fave blonde bombshell has been wearing her hair in long Hollywood waves and bouffant styles throughout the last year, cementing her 'girl of the moment' status. But now, just off the back of her first time hosting Saturday Night Live, Syd has surprised us all by popping up in Paris with this choppy high-fashion lob.

Photos of the style were first shared by her hairstylist Glen Oropeza (aka @glencocoforhair)'s Instagram grid, and the side-parted style is all about piecey, flicky layers that seriously channel the '00s.

Sydney rocked a lob a couple of years ago, but her hair has been consistently long since then, making us think this is more than just a natural hair length reveal, or removal of long hair extensions.

One fan was pondering the same as us and asked Glen in the comments; "Did she get a chop?!" To which he cryptically replied: "Perhappsss 🤔😎". But looking at her hair on his grid two days prior... either way, it's a drastic change.

Our money is on the undeniable removal of extensions, but also the cutting of a fair few inches and snipping into this piecey style.

Being the glam hunters that we are, we found these photos and clips of Sydney's natural hair length in Australia a few months ago and it's distinctly past her shoulders.

Mid-length hair is really reigning supreme for 2024. I guess it makes sense as all the 2023 bobs grow out.

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