In this Swiss city, people commute by floating down a massive river every day: 'It's so fun'

Most Americans probably can’t relate, but in Switzerland, city-goers are encouraged to swim in local rivers.

City swimming has been promoted in major Swiss cities like Berne, Zurich, Geneva and Basel. Since the 1980s, the Swiss government has made its rivers safe and accessible for swimmers by removing litter and pollutants.

The Rhine is a river that sweeps through Switzerland, and people are allowed to dive in all summer long every year. While you won’t expect to find lifeguards on most days, and it’s definitely recommended for experienced swimmers, it’s still quite the popular pastime.

TikToker @alexas_adventures shared her experience of floating down the Rhine, calling it one of her favorite things to do. However, it’s a bit different than going for a dip in the pool.

“Before work, after work, adults, children, dogs…everyone floats down the Rhine because the current is so strong,” she explained. “It’s so fun.”

Instead of using any particular technique, city swimmers just let the current take them wherever it wants to go. People place their belongings in brightly colored waterproof bags called Wickelfish that keep their clothing dry.

When someone asked the influencer how people got home, she replied, “You basically have to walk back to wherever you’re going!” She added that some people even use it as a transportation method.

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