Heart-stopping moment Paralympic swimmer stalked by sharks

Sam Goodwin
Sports Editor
Ariel Schrenck Martinez was very lucky to escape the ordeal. Images: Instagram

A Paralympic swimmer’s mother has captured the heart-stopping moment he had to swim for his life as sharks appeared to stalk him during an ocean swim.

Ariel Schrenck Martinez was swimming near Sant Feliu de Guixols on Spain's Costa Brava recently when the frightening ordeal occurred.

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Martinez uploaded video on Monday showing his mother Carolina yelling out to warn him about the prescence of the two sharks.

The 19-year-old was about 100 metres from shore when he started swimming for his life.

“My mum started to shout like a crazy woman that there were sharks in the water,” Martinez told TV channel Antena 3 Deporters.

“At that moment my body started panicking terribly and I started swimming like a madman.

“I think I was 100 metres from the shore. I think they were the 100 metres where I most put my heart and soul into swimming for my life.

“I’m not in top shape and I almost died sprinting to the shore.”

Ariel Schrenck Martinez the para-swimmer

Making the tale all the more remarkable is the fact Martinez only has one arm.

He’s on Spain's B-Swim team and competed at the 2019 World Para Swimming Championships in London.

Mother Carolina also opened up about seeing her son swim for his life.

“I totally focused on shouting at him so he could get out of the water,” she said.

“Fear took over in that moment.”

It’s reportedly unusual to see sharks in that area of Catalonia.