Swap Out Lamb With Beets For A Vegetarian Spin On Gyros

fried beets in falafel
fried beets in falafel - Tess Le Moing / Tasting Table

Just because dietary preferences limit the intake of meat doesn't mean you have to forgo delicious recipes more commonly associated with lamb, chicken, pork, or beef. Take gyros, for example; the satisfying warm pita bread dish is often filled with meat, dressed with tzatziki sauce, and garnished with an array of vegetables. While traditional chickpea falafels can appease vegetarian eaters, our recipe developer Tess Le Moing has created a tasty alternative in her roasted beet falafel recipe. It's a tempting exchange if you're looking to switch up your recipe.Packed with nutrients and bright with flavor, beet falafels make for a colorful addition to your next meal or dinner party. Le Moing loves the deep color the beets bring, and says, 'I also love that it sneaks in one of the healthiest veggies ever — beets. While not many people love beets, this recipe does a great job at mellowing out that intense earthy, sweet flavor."

Fried and flavored with garlic, cumin, and coriander, even carnivores will marvel at this beautiful veggie recipe. Beets offer subtle sweetness and a satiating earthiness that will have you reaching for seconds and forgetting all about the absent meat. Though making these falafel patties can take some time, planning will pay off once you sink your teeth into the first bite.

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A Meat-Free Dish That Is Pretty And Delicious

fried beets served on platter
fried beets served on platter - Tess Le Moing / Tasting Table

In addition to roasted beets, you'll need to soak and drain chickpeas to include in your recipe. The ingredients will be blended along with spices to produce a malleable mixture that you can form into patties or spheres, and the maroon-hued bites can be held together with panko as you set them into hot oil to fry.

After frying your veggie creations, place the pieces onto a paper towel to drain any excess oil before assembling plates to serve. When paired with creamy homemade hummus and a fresh winter Greek salad, this delectable recipe makes for a meal that will disappear quickly, and your efforts to participate in meatless Mondays will be boosted.

You may want to make more falafel than you'll need, as you can freeze extra pieces to serve the next time you find yourself entertaining vegetarian guests. Tess Le Moing says, "I like to freeze any un-fried falafel." She explains, "I'll take them out the night before and thaw them before frying fresh the next day."

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